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With so many options out there, when you want family photos a big question is how to choose a photographer? Read some of my top tips to make sure you get the best experience and photos!

How do you choose a photographer? When you are thinking about getting your family and newborn photos that question looms large and can be quite overwhelming. I am a professional family and newborn photographer in the OKC metro area and know that there are so many different options and styles and prices. How do you decide?

Family runs through field during golden hour at Saxon Park in Norman, OK.

The most important thing to remember – getting pictures done is a way to celebrate your life.

So here are some ways to think through the type of photographer and the type of session you want for your family photos (Extra hot tip – you can choose different styles each year for your family photos it you want. You don’t have to be stuck to just one style!)

5 Tips for how to choose a photographer

  • Look for a photographer whose style is what you think you might want for a session. Go check out their portfolio, their social media handles and see if their work and personality might fit with you. Looking over the website and instagram can give you a great window into their work and personality. 
  • Read the reviews on their site and google business. Don’t forget to ask your friends for their recommendations too! This is one way of knowing how to tell if a photographer is good and will fit your family.
  • Reach out and talk with a few different photographers – more than cost, personality and service will determine what type of experience you will have. And the experience can make such a huge difference in the type of photos you get and how you feel about them! Would you like the ease of your photographer taking care of prints for you? How much service do you want with your photos?
  • Last of all – don’t overthink it. 🙂 Pick one and go for it. And remember you can always choose another family photographer next time.

Are you wanting family photos where you just cheese at the photographer? That perfect smile out of your children?

Or do you want the “true you” of your family captured? You know the way your daughter giggles with glee over playing tag, the quiet handhold with your husband, images that whisper “yes, this is our beautiful life?” Images that show how deeply in love you are with your family. Family photos that show your children just how much they mean to you. (and if this is the case then you are my people – let’s make some magic!)

If you choose a lifestyle session do not let fears of “our home isn’t nice enough” hold you back. These photos are for you and your children NOT Pinterest. These photos are to hold a memory capsule for your children. “remember mom that day we got to jump on the couch?” or in the case of my 2 year old “remember our family favorites where all I wanted to do was hide my face in your shoulder?” lol 🙂 (true story!) As they see the photos little details will pop out stories for them. A book lying to the side, or a favorite toy in the background can make for delightful family history lessons down the road.

To get your story remembered forever. In an age of instant coffee, AI systems that can make magic happen – getting a lifestyle photography session done is one way to say to time, “stop! I want to savor this moment.” It’s a way to press pause and remember how much you love your family and how special they are.

As a lifestyle photographer that specializes in at home family photo sessions I firmly believe that every home can be made into a backdrop for beautiful family art. Your home doesn’t have to be state of the art, full of white walls or the newest furniture – what matters is the love and warmth inside.

As each of us humans are unique and bring value to the world so also are the homes where we live, love and raise our families. 

And if you are trying to decide which type of Oklahoma City newborn photographer to hire then pop over and check out this post.

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