Meet Charis – Your OKC Photographer

An OKC photographer powered by lots of coffee, snuggles with my daughters, a love for Jesus, and a firm conviction that every life is worth celebrating.

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Do you get stressed thinking about getting family photos?

Do you dread all the details and planning and the pressure to have the kids (or the husband 😂) on their best behavior?

You’re looking for photos that embrace the little details, the in-between, the chaos, the perfectly imperfect.

You will walk away from your session with me with images that add that pep to your step when you are weary, help you see the joy in spite of the pain and light the fire of your love on the days when you aren’t sure you’ll make it to bedtime. 

Hey Friend, I’m Charis!

As a professional family and newborn photographer based in Edmond, OK and serving the OKC metro area, I specialize in natural-light and lifestyle photographer. I especially love in-home sessions that involve newborns and/or young children. I enjoy making photo sessions with your family be stress-free and fun.

Dad and mom with newborn.
Dad holds new baby during OKC newborn photo session.
Photos remind us of what and who we treasure. They turn the ordinary turn it into magical and reveal to us the reality of how blessed and good our life really is. 

Growing up my grandparents had the way going up their open stair case lined with pictures. As a child I spent hours studying those images – that told me of people and places I would never meet or see but whose threads ran through my own story. 

It’s why I think you should get photos done regularly – not for Christmas cards but for YOU, for YOUR family. It’s why I’m passionate about helping print your photos and creating albums. It’s why I want your clothing choices to be about WHO you are – not just cause they are popular on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s why I want YOU to soak in your session, not worry about perfect smiles. It’s emotions, love and joy I want you to see in your family.

I believe there is magic in the ordinary moments of our days.

I am married to Kenneth who besides being my biggest cheerleader, is also my in-house web designer and barista. Yes, I’m spoiled. I’m mama to two little miracle girls (our first they told us might not make it to a live birth, with the second I almost died in the 3rd trimester – nothing like those things to make you realize how fast life goes by and live every moment to the full!). They are feisty, opinionated and fill our lives with so much joy & laughter (and, in the spirit of honesty, exhaustion).

The grace and love of Jesus in my life profoundly influences my life. I find delight in being a follower of Jesus.  As a family we love having both new and old friends around our table and adventuring around this city to new places and familiar favorites.

As a OKC photographer, I consider myself a photographic artist. I blend a lifestyle and documentary photography for a photojournalistic approach for my sessions. Documenting the unique seasons of life – however beautiful, messy and ordinary it is, that’s what is important to me. I want to make the ordinary beautiful, the present timeless. To me photography is the perfect medium for capturing the family story – the memories, the emotions, the connections – for generations to come.

Family plays an incredible role in the threads that weave our lives. This is your celebration your story and creating a record for the future.
A record of love, belonging and memory.
photo credit: Sara Wagner Photography

I believe each new life is a gift from God and should be celebrated!


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A Few of this OKC Photographer’s Favorite Things

  • Baby wearing
  • worship music
  • Early morning runs
  • a home full of people
  • A stack of books
  • Smiles
  • Fresh roasted organic coffee
  • Outdoor adventures with my family
  • Soft blankets
  • Fresh flowers
  • Organic, natural and sustainable living