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Should You Choose An In Home Newborn Photographer?

Wondering if an in home newborn photographer is a good fit for you? Read below to learn more about this unique way of celebrating your newborn and capturing images of these beautiful days.

Hey Mama!

Aww can you believe it…it’s almost time for your little one to arrive. Your world is just to be shaken in so many good and beautiful ways. Snuggles, that beautiful feeling of the little one asleep on your chest, those precious little nosies, the most darling little toes and fingers you ever saw…and all the ups and downs of getting to know this incredible reflection of your love. 

You are excited to bring you new little one into your lives…and you know you want this connection photographed. In home newborn lifestyle sessions are the chance to capture this next beautiful moment – to remember the beginning of this grand new chapter of your lives. 

Is in-home photography for everyone? Well to be quite honest it’s not for everyone. But who is it for?

In-home newborn photography is for the families who want the things they hold most dear – their family and their love – photographed in a real and honest way. In-home photography is for the families who want to be able to kick back and relax and have fun at their session. In-home photography is for the families who know they want joy, meaning and emotion to tell their story in an organic and simple way.

In-home newborn photography is for the families who realize that their ordinary lives are quite beautiful and full of magic. 

if that’s you then you are my people.

You might have a few more questions before you reach out to book so let’s continue on and talk about them in the rest of this post.

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“I’ve never had in-home photos and am not sure I will know what to do…”

Please don’t worry or stress over this. This is why you are wanting to hire a professional. From the time you book I will be guiding you through the session. From tips beforehand – how to prep your home, what to wear and best ideas to get your family ready. I’ll be guiding you through the session. I’ll give suggestions on where to stand and how to place your body and hands in a manner that is flattering. It might be a first for you but I will be right there helping you along. You will be amazing!

Mom and Dad stand with baby during in home newborn  photo session by Norman newborn photographer.

“my home doesn’t have good enough light…”

As long as there is one window we can still do a session in your home. The session might take place all in that corner but it can be done and be beautiful. After years of shooting I have learned how to work in all different lighting conditions and in homes. I don’t use in-home lights or lamps but work almost solely with natural light & reflectors. 

“and my home is not very pretty…”

I hear you Mama (& know exactly how it feels…) but please PLEASE remember the reason we are making these photos is to capture the memories of this special time when you have welcomed your precious new son or daughter. This isn’t about winning prizes on Instagram or having folks on Pinterest swoon over them. These are about treasures for all of you to cherish in 5, 10, 20, even 50 years down the road.

I’m coming to photograph you and your family. Your love – the emotion, the details and connection of it is the focus – not your sofa, not your flooring, not your home furnishings.

Even with all the mixed emotions that might come this is your home. Maybe it’s your forever home, maybe it’s just a temporary stop but whatever the case it is the HOME where you have brought you new little one into. 

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“What about does my baby have to be sleeping or feed before you come?”

One of the great things about in-home photography is that we can start wherever baby happens to be in their day (I mean we all quickly learn that when it comes to newborns routine means no routine. :)) 

I’ll have a few suggestions and do plan my sessions between 10am & 2pm for newborns. I find that this time generally is when newborns are at their happiest and best for everyone involved. 

If you are feeding or baby is sleeping when I arrive we will start right there. In home photography gives the room to be extremely flexible.

“Can my other children be included?”

Of course! and yes please! Darling sibling love is a must capture. I’m making pictures for you that are the record of your family growing and falling in love with one another. This is your visual storybook of your family milestones. This story is shared by all of you! I’ll spend some one-on-one time with your kids too so that their story is well told too.

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and the other dreaded thought…”what should we wear?”

Don’t worry my friend. I’ve got you! I send a guide with ideas and am always happy to give advice if you send pictures of the outfits.

For baby just a simple sleeper or onesie is perfect. Often times outfits are awkward and not very nice for snuggling. If you have a special outfit I will suggest we put it on baby at the end.

I’ll also suggest you pull out some of your favorite swaddle blankets and a few other blankets to use throughout the session.

So see mamas really it’s quite simple and real. If you’ve read through this and feel, “yes this is me!” then shoot me an email and we will start chatting and set your beautiful story session up! I cannot wait to serve you!


from one mama of two to another – soak in those newborn days as they really pass way too quickly…

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