Toddler Lifestyle Session at Home

ever wonder what a toddler lifestyle session at home is like? Let’s chat about what it looks like!

A toddler lifestyle session at home is a session that brings out the delight, wonder and joy of toddlerhood. It also can bring out the challenges too. 🙂 I find that children in the 2-3 year range are some of the most opinionated about doing photo sessions. Some might say challenging. I find they don’t really want to do anything that’s asked of them, so these types of sessions are very much go with the flow. I ask parents to trust me, lean in, love on and play with your kiddos and know that we truly are capturing something magical.

This sweet session was a true delight. I was privilege to photograph this sweet one as a newborn and then again as she neared age 3. It always makes my day when I am asked to come back in to be a part of a family’s story.

Toddlers are exploring the world and learning more about themselves and who they are. There’s curiosity, excitement, shyness and a big mix of babyhood yet becoming oh so independent. And that independence can shine strong during a photo session. 🙂

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A big question I am often asked is what should we do for a toddler lifestyle session at home?

Life! is my quick reply. What are things you do with your little ones? What are their favorite activities? Sing together, play together. Think through what are the things that are a big deal to them in their life right now. What are the things that you know in 20 years you know will come straight to mind when you think of this season of life.

A few of the suggestions I always give families for toddler activities at home are:

  • Reading together
  • playing together
  • dancing together
  • snuggles
  • art

Depending on the season we might spend some time outside like taking a walk around the block or play in water in the backyard. Or during the holiday season maybe doing an activity you love. In our pre-session prep I always have several questions for parents so that I can come into the session prepared to photograph your real season. I love chatting ideas with families and figuring out what fits best for you all and the flow for the session.

And that’s just a few of the ideas of things you can do. I love how you can make lifestyle sessions so unique and fit to just your family. Just to be warned toddler lifestyle sessions at home and/or outdoors means a lot of moving! Your little one can be one of the snuggliest that existed and suddenly when I am there they won’t want to sit for more than 10 seconds. 🙂


As a parent one of the biggest ways you can make your session the best experience for your child is to relax and take away all expectations. Your children feel and feed off any tension that is present. (As a mama of two and one with neurodiverse needs, believe me I know how quickly they pick up on my internal issues! Way too quickly!)

Because this session is being held inside your home, it gives space and time for your little one to eat and drink as needed and that counts for Mom and Dad too!

I focus on getting images of you all interacting, of play time and activities as well as the little bitty details that you don’t want to forget.

Looking for other toddler session ideas? Then check out this blog post about my top tips for family photos with toddlers!

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  1. Oh my stars! These images are stunning!
    Most importantly, what an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate toddlerhood and this precious season.

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