A family hanging out in their backyard.

Why you should do lifestyle family photos at home

just a few of the reasons why doing lifestyle family photos at home will make your photo session the favorite one you’ve ever done

What comes to mind when you hear “lifestyle family photos at home”? Do images of newborn photo sessions flash through your mind? “Why would I consider that?” you say. Or do you think that maybe your home really isn’t nice enough? And maybe your response is just, “yikes that doesn’t sound fun!”

But what if it could be? What if it might be just what you are looking for?

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I know – when you start thinking about getting your family photos taken likely what comes to mind first is images of families outdoors, at a beach or hiking through tall grass.

And then you think of having to dress everyone up, get them to the location and keep them happy and you just quit thinking about family photos.

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So then what if a lifestyle at home session could be the perfect fit for your family.

  • You are already at the location
  • You don’t have to worry about your kids getting dirty or hungry (extra clothes and snacks are right at hand!)
  • You get to be comfortable
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You get images that feel organic and honest and delightfully magical to show the beauty of who your family is no matter what ages your kids are.

And here are a few more reasons why I as an OKC family photographer love to encourage families to consider lifestyle family photos at home

Comfortable & Familiar environment – You are in the place where your family knows how to relax. Your little ones get to show their true selves as they are already in a comfortable environment. They know this is their space (and you don’t have to worry about them knocking something over in a studio!) This allows me as the photographer to photos that showcase their personalities and connection in the family.

We get to snuggle up in the living room while you read books and talk together, put on the music for a dance party and run outside for a game in the backyard all in one sessions. You aren’t confined to one space or look.

Personal and Unique – no one else has a home like you do. Your home reflects who you are, your style, your life. I love adding in touches that make each family session unique. No one else will have pictures like yours.

(and psstt…no you don’t have to do a deep clean up of the house. This post on how to prep for a in home session can show you how simple it is! While the house is the background it is NOT the show piece…so mostly you just have to tidy up. Remove the big clutter and there’s the place for you. Also size doesn’t have to hold you back! I’ve done family sessions in tiny studio apartments and large homes. Your home can work!)

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Timeless – I am passionate about family photos at home because I know that these photos tell a family’s story. They will be loved and treasured by generations to come! This is the place where your children’s memories are being made. The place that holds memories that one day when they sit around a holiday table and go “remember that house with the….” They will look at the images and not remember an awkward smile at a studio but rather the stories that tell the good and beautiful of their childhood.

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Have you fallen in love with these images and say, “Yes! I want to do family photos at home!” send me a message and let’s get your family session on the books! I serve the metro OKC area and get excited to serve families in the metro and surrounding area.

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norman family lifestyle photographer 1134
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Family playing in their backyard.
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A family plays a game in their backyard during golden hour.

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  1. These images are beautiful! Your families must have such a wonderful time with you!
    In homemade sessions are perfect – it’s all your people in YOUR place!

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