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How To Prep For Your In Home Newborn Photo Session

feeling a little overwhelmed about your upcoming newborn photos? Here are several tips on how to prep for your in home newborn photo session to make it easy and smooth!

If you are reading this then you have likely chosen to celebrate your new baby with an at home newborn photo session. YAY! As a Oklahoma City newborn photographer, if you know me then you know that I am super passionate about all the delightful beauty of having your newborn baby photos taken in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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But just how do you get prepared for this type of session? Do you have to clean and paint and tire yourself completely out? No please do not!! Seriously there are some simple things to do for you but my number one rule – Do not stress yourself out!

A lifestyle newborn session in your home is designed to make you and your baby the centerpiece of the photos not how clean or how decorated or what your home is like.

Many times you barely even see much of the home because the people are the focus!

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My 5 tips for how to prep for your in home newborn photo session.

Prep Your Space

Photos in your home are done best in areas that have light – If there’s one window we will often stick close to that for the best light. Most often I do sessions in the main living space (living room) and the master bedroom. Occasionally then the nursery or other places. I will ask to look around and see what areas would be best. It can e surprising sometimes what little corners can make a perfect area for photos.

Declutter (or hide it ;)) – clutter is the biggest distraction in photos so a big laundry basket is your best friend for this one. Clean things up but you don’t need to scrub the baseboards or clean inside the cabinets. 🙂 The focus is on you and your family and lovely new baby not on how spotless your house is.

If you are stressed about it consider hiring a service for an hour or two just to do a quick clean up for you.

Prep Your Clothes

One of the biggest questions is always what do you wear to a home newborn session? I’ve got you! I always give clients a detailed guide, have access to an online styling service and am always available for giving advice and thoughts. I do always recommend that you set all the clothes out either before baby comes or a few days before the session to make sure you have everything you need. (if you have children this is extremely helpful to do this before baby comes so you don’t need any last minute trips with a newborn!)

Prep your family

Make sure everyone has eaten and that snacks and water are easily accessible. If you have other children prep them a bit for what to expect. For Mom – try if possible to relax. 🙂 Get dress and do simple, natural make up. For Dad – make sure he knows what’s to be expected during the session (relax – you get to just enjoy this time!)

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Prep Your Newborn

Keeping the space warm will ensure your little feels comfortable and snuggly for the session. A simple solid color onesie or sleeper is the perfect outfit for your little one for their newborn session. If you have any special items you want included in the photos.

I hope these tips give you some great ideas on how to prep for your in home newborn photo session. I consider it such an honor to be invited in to photograph new little babies and their families. It’s such a special time in your life! I hope these tips will enable you to know better how to get read for the session and to be able to relax for it!

One thing I love to give my clients is easy and accessible resources to make their sessions easier. You will find when booking a newborn session with me you will have access to a quick easy checklist, a client styling & session guide and an online clothing guide to make your experience stressful and enjoyable!

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Hello! I’m Charis – a mama of 2 adorable little girls that Lord has given me and the photographer and owner of Charis Elisabeth Photography. You can find me with a cup of coffee, trying a new sourdough recipe, reading a stack of books or exploring nature with my family. I specialize in documentary newborn photo sessions that are relaxed and joy filled in the comfort of your own home! As a member of the Professional Photographers of America. I serve the metro Oklahoma City area  and would love to chat about photographing your newborn.

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