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How to Prep For A Fresh 48 Photo Session

Hey! I’m so excited you have made it here to this post, as I guess you are probably expecting a new baby. Congratulations!

In this post I have included a lot of things that you need to know to help you feel prepared and ready for your Fresh 48 session. As a parent and an OKC newborn photographer, I know how important prep is. If you are a client of CEP you will receive a detailed guide and lots of support from me too!

If you have not gotten yours scheduled yet, reach out and I would be honored to serve you. 

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What is a Fresh 48 Session? 

A Fresh 48 session is in the first few hours of a newborn’s life to document those beautiful new memories. These are photos you will treasure forever. A Fresh 48 photo shoot is held within the first 12-48 hours of a newborn’s life to capture those delightful first details and experience. Those first few days go by in such a blur and as a Mom of 3 I know how special they are! These sessions are such a unique and special way to slow down that season just a bit.

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Best Ways to Prep for a Fresh 48 Photo Session

1. Book Before Your Baby is Here

A Fresh 48 photo session requires your photographer being on call and most photographers can only take a few of these types of sessions a month. While occasionally I will have spots open up the month of your due date, for top priority book your session during your second trimester.

2. What To Pack in your Hospital bag for a Fresh 48 Session

  • Swaddles – bringing your own swaddles adds your own personal touch for the pictures. As well as generally your own are more comfy for baby. 
  • White Onesie – this is such a classic for a new baby and allows the brand new details to stand out!
  • Accessories – These add great details to pictures. Bows, toys, a special detail, etc. Keep them small so as not to overpower your tiny new baby and distract from those special details. 
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3. What To Wear

You don’t need to match everyone in the family. I recommend soft and neutral colors to give a relaxed and light feel. Mom can wear a comfy robe or top and pants. Dad in jeans and solid t-shirt works perfect. Children can wear any variety from solid tees and jeans to dresses. Mix it up with a few pieces adds visual interest. Plan all of these before the baby comes!

Also think through if you would like to have some photos of baby with just the diaper on. That dear flaky skin and tiny details can stand out strong with just that diaper on.

4. Keep in contact with your photographer

Your photographer needs to know via call, text or email:

  • When you head to the hospital – give the photographer a quick head up!
  • When you get admitted – make sure your partner also has the photographer’s number in case it’s better for them to communicate.
  • When baby is born – the best text you get to do! 🙂

Your photographer will then be able to set the time for your session and get excited about coming to photograph this beautiful new season!

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5. Day of the Session

  • Communicate with your nurses when you have the session scheduled. This allows them to limit interruptions if possible. 
  • Feed your baby – newborn babies are eating often so try to feed right before the session so they can be settled during it. (We all are happier when we have full bellies, right? 🙂)
  • Tidy Up – move things around and clean up the room a bit if possible to make it feel less cluttered. 

If you are including children – bring a little bag with snacks and toys for them so they can be relaxed. If you want the photos to be of them meeting baby, I recommend we start the session and then have a relative/friend bring them in about halfway through! 

Then once all of those things to prep for a fresh 48 photo session are done – snuggle in and enjoy your new baby while your photographer gets those delightful precious photos!

Has seeing all these beautiful photos made you want to schedule one for when your new baby arrives? Then reach out! My motherhood + baby collection that includes a maternity session, Fresh 48 and a newborn session is perfect for capturing this delightful new season.

Mom poses at Myriad Gardens in OKC maternity photos.

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Mom poses at Myriad Gardens in OKC maternity photos.
Mom poses at Myriad Gardens in OKC maternity photos.
Mom poses at Myriad Gardens in OKC maternity photos.
Mom poses at Myriad Gardens in OKC maternity photos.

Author Bio:

Charis is a lifestyle newborn photographer serving the Oklahoma City area. Lifestyle sessions focus on the connection, joy and love that is abundant in your family. With 5 plus years of experience in photographing families as well as a mom of 3 herself, Charis loves helping families to feel relax and have fun at their sessions. She is a member of PPA and National Association of Child Photographers.

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