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7 easy ways to make family photos less stressful

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Hey there mama – It’s time for your family photo session…or maybe you’re just beginning to think about getting your photos scheduled. But it stresses you out. So you put it off…and keep putting off and suddenly a whole year goes by, then another. So stop – quit letting the stress prevent you from getting your beautiful family and current season of life photographed.

Guess what? I’m a photographer and I still know how you feel. You’d think as a photographer I’d never stress with my own family photos but…I do! It’s in all of us!

Saying, “oh just relax” or “don’t stress about it” does nothing to help actually make you stress less about your family photo session.

So I’m going to give you 7 easy ways to make family photos less stressful. Okay maybe they’re not exactly all easy but they are ways to make your family photo session be full of a lot more JOY and a whole lot LESS stress. If you have the tools to address your stress it will make the whole photo session feel a lot more doable making you know it’s always worth it to take those family photos!

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7 Easy Ways to Make Family Photos Less Stressful

1 – plan ahead 

This one incorporates several different aspects and planning ahead is probably the number one key in helping you eliminate stress our of your family photo session!

plan ahead the session time/date – choose a date well in advance so you have time to prep and plan other things. I’ll address more of this one below. 

clothing – Mama – prep your clothes first and then get all the rest of the family in line. Prepping clothes at least a week in advance helps you to see if a Target run is needed since your kid already outgrew those shoes you bought last month. See this post tips on what to wear

haircuts – getting fresh haircuts the day before a session is not a wise choice! Hair always looks it’s best about a week out from the hair cut plus if there’s any big mistake it gives you time to address it as needed. 🙂 (but then again life happens…like the one year my Mom planned family photos that we had not taken in years and the day before one of my siblings chopped off a good chunk of their hair. Yep it happens! and pssttt…we are so grateful for those photos!)

if you want nails done or hair and make-up, planning ahead insures you can get those done with your favorite provider!

2 – make your session the main thing 

Trying to fit your photo session in just as an extra in a day means you’ll likely have grumpy family members. Keep the day or at least a few hours before the session as free as possible from other commitments (this often means a week day evening might be a better fit for you). Don’t go running from soccer tournament to Grandma’s birthday party to your photo session unless you want to ensure you are quite stressed and your family will not corporate. 

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3 – let go of expectations

If there’s anything I want most for families is that at their session they let go of expectations. Don’t hold tight to getting a certain photo or your child acting a certain way. Instead lean in to loving your family and having fun! Soak in the moments and let go of controlling it. This truly does bring out the best in your family and you will cherish the photos that happen because of this!

4 – make it fun 

A sure way to make your kids not groan about photos is to make it fun! Have a traditional treat you always do after photos. Choose a location you know they love! And most of all please don’t be telling them a thousand times to smile or say “cheese”. Tickle them, chase them, snuggle them.

5 – find the photographer that is the right fit for you

Finding a photographer that fits your family is another key to making your photos go more smoothly. Does their style match with what you are wanting? If they are lifestyle and relaxed but what you want is portrait, in studio it will not be a good match. Check out their work, ask friends and do a quick chat with your prospective photographer. 

(Along with a quick video I send future clients when they inquire, I also offer a quick phone chat if they wish to make sure I am a good fit for my prospective clients. Not every photographer is a good fit for every family!)

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6 – trust your photographer

Your photographer does this as their job. They’ve seen it all – cranky kids, grumpy dads, spills, goofy faces, etc. Mama, you lean in, love on your kids and your husband. Shower them with hugs, kisses and joy. Your photographer knows the photos they need to take and how to get them.

and finally in my list of 7 easy ways to make family photos less stressful…

7 – give yourself plenty of time 

Finally as you head to your session – give yourself plenty of time. Actually do it before hand in giving yourself plenty of time to get ready, to leave for your session (if it’s not in your home) and to arrive. Arriving at your session a little earlier can give your kids time to get used to the setting and meet the photographer.

Whew…take a deep breath now. Remember you will be so glad for these photos one day so go ahead contact your photographer and get that session scheduled today!

Looking for a laid back family photographer in the Oklahoma City or Norman area? I might be the one! I serve the metro OKC area included OKC, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Mustang, Goldsby, Blanchard and more. Take a look around my website (check out my Family page or my About page) to make sure I fit what you are looking for. If fun, connection and a low stress time is your goal then I bet we are a good fit. Let’s get in touch and plan your session!

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