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5 quick tips for what to wear for family photos

choosing what to wear for family photos can be quite stressful! But with some quick tips you can make it a much more smooth process.

So mama, you’ve gotten your photo session set up but ugh how do you go about making decisions and choosing clothes for family photos. It feels quite overwhelming! For some that’s exciting but for many others it’s a dreadful idea. As a photographer, I know the importance of how much clothing will effect how your photos turn out and how you feel about them, so here’s 5 quick tips as you get ready and choose what to wear for your family photos. (if you want a more detailed post check out this one) And if you hire me I will give you several ways to make the clothing process as stress free as possible!

1 – Think through the what and where and how

First, what season are your photos being taken in? Fall, summer, spring, or winter? This will effect how many layers, what colors you wear and what accessories to add. Second where is the location of where you are taking your photos? Inside, outdoors? in the City or at a park? And last how are you using these photos? Hanging on your walls, a Christmas card?  These are all helpful for guiding your choices when choosing clothes for family photos.

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2 – Pick Mom’s Outfit 1st

As Mom’s our outfit can often be what we think of last. And it can be our hardest piece. You want something that you like and something you feel good in. Make sure it fits and balances your body. This will make a huge difference in how like the final product (your pictures). You can choose something more classic and practical like a dress from Aubrey Jane or something more dressy and special like a dress from Baltic Born. But you also don’t have to wear a dress. Jeans with a sweater top, jeans with a kimno, etc. The choices are endless and don’t feel just cause everyone else gets a dress you have too. If you want some other styling tips as well as tips for what accessories to choose check out this post and this one.

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3 – Pick out your color palette

Once you have your clothing chosen then you can pick out the color palette for the whole family. Keep it simple. And remember don’t match – coordinate! Pick 2-3 colors and go from there. Also remember if you will be hanging these on your walls to make sure your colors don’t clash with your decor. I have Pinterest boards and other styling services I offer to families and you can also check out a site like this one to choose a palette.

4. Go through your closets to see what you have

go through your kids and husband’s closet and see what might work and lay it out to see it all together. (Mom multitasking tip: use this to also check what other clothes your family might need for the season ahead.)

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5 – Order Early

If you need other items whether clothing or accessories then make sure and order them several weeks before your session. With shipping these days you want to make sure that you aren’t having to rush around at the very end trying to desperately get items.

here’s a few more fall tips…

  • let the fall colors inspire your outfits – this makes for beautiful color palettes so let those gorgeous colors give you inspiration on what to wear
  • layers, layers, layers – you can make outfits fun and verstile with this! And the fun thing is you can layer and if it’s hot take some off and if it’s cold add some more!
  • boots, scarves, hats and more – just make sure it feels like you and is comfortable!
  • stay away from small checks, small patterns or lots of plaid
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hello there! I hope you found these tips for what to wear helpful! I know planning and getting ready for your family photos can feel quite overwhelming. If you are looking for a family photographer to make family photos low stress and fun for your family then I would love to chat! I serve the metro OKC area.

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