okc maternity pics 15 date ideas to do before baby comes 2022

15 date ideas to do before baby comes

are you pregnant? and trying to figure out what to do for a date night idea? Well then I might just have an idea for you!

Bringing a little one into your life brings so much goodness and joy but it’s also change. It truly is a wonderful gift to be parents! But it is a big change…

As you prep for this new little one don’t forget to step aside and make time for yourself and your spouse. You want to savor and enjoy this season. Don’t forget to have fun, to breathe and not just focus on the to-do list you need to accomplish!

Yep I know…it feels like pregnancy may last forever, it won’t (I promise! I’ve had 3. lol) Take these days before a little one needs you to soak in some time focusing on each other as a couple. (Also mama, don’t forget some focused me time – coffee dates, journal time, pampering, etc! Support yourself for the change!)

…so here’s a list of 15 date ideas to do before your baby comes. (plus some!) Take and run with them! They can be done so many different ways!

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Romantic Dates

  • special restaurant – take time to pamper yourself, dress up and go get a special meal at a high end restaurant. Savor the different courses. Eating out with a baby is different so soak this time in.
  • spa time (just be sure to check and make sure they have services for pregnant women)
  • Affirmation date – each make a list separately of things you love about the other and then go to a special restaurant and read them to each other. 

Fun Date Ideas

  • go take a class together – cooking classes, painting or pottery throwing (this one might need to be done earlier in the pregnancy rather than later. As bending over gets harder!) Think of something you both want to learn more in (or choose one for each spouse) and search your area for what might be locally available.
  • maternity photo session – yes these are really fun! And a great way to take some time to soak in the beauty of this season. 
  • mini golf
  • picnic
  • double date with friends
  • browse a bookstore and look at baby name books or choose a favorite novel. Read at the store or take the books over to a local coffeeshop.
  • recreate your first date – was your first date fun or random – do even remember your first date? Recreate it or recreated another favorite date you did. 
  • go get takeout from your favorite restaurants – go to one for the appetizers, another one for the main part and don’t skimp on dessert! 🙂 
  • go to a trivia night
  • go to a concert
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At Home Date Ideas

  • cooking together – choose a dish you both love to make or choose something new to try.
  • go to the store and pick some random ingredients – make sure your stomach can handle them! – and come up with something fun.
  • make a play list – put it on for your supper – hey, dress up and choose something nice to eat and have a fun dance and make out evening to it!
  • tackle a fun house project together – maybe getting the nursery set up (no putting together furniture! Stay away from things that could be frustrating!)
  • board game night

Baby Prep Date Night Ideas

  • interview a doula
  • choose and book your newborn photographer
  • make a birth plan (mama Natural has an excellent guide that with both our babies the nurses loved!)
  • walk through Buy Buy Baby and look at items for your baby registry (always and forever will recommend BabyList for your registers – so versatile and you can change so much) If you are local to Norman check out Max Mamas as they have a lots of different baby items including strollers, carseats and carriers that you can touch and see what you think. In OKC, the Thrive Collective is a great place to do this. 
  • make a postpartum list – list out some ways you want to connect after baby is here, make a list of needs for mama during postpartum.

Local – Oklahoma City Date Ideas

  • breakfast at Stitch, Syrup or Harveys
  • Brunch Date to Harveys and stop in at Commonplace Books just a bit away
  • Evening Coffee/dessert at Perets
  • Pottery Class at Preacher Pottery
  • Birthing Classes with Simple Birth, Thrive Mama Collective or by a local doula.
  • walk through Myriad Gardens

Most of all don’t get so caught up in focusing on the baby that you forget the whole reason this baby is coming! 

if you are interested in date night ideas before baby comes then I have a feeling that means you are expecting a little one so a post you might be interested in…. how to choose a newborn photographer

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hey! so glad you stopped by to read these ideas! If you have more a minute, I’d love for you leave a comment with a fun way to connect with your spouse during pregnancy. And if you are looking for relaxed and fun maternity photos then I’d love to connect! I’m a family & newborn lifestyle photographer serving the metro Oklahoma City area.

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