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5 OKC Ultrasound Imaging Places To See Your Precious Baby

Did you just get that first positive pregnancy test? And can’t wait to see that little heartbeat? Maybe you are several weeks along and just want to check in on that precious little one or ready to find out the gender. Then these 5 OKC ultrasound baby imaging places are where you should look!

As a mama of 3 myself I know the special excitement that comes of going to that first ultrasound to get a glimpse of the little one floating around inside of you. And I also know how excited and how soon I wanted to find out if it’s a boy or girl I’m having! While the months of pregnancy speed by it’s so fun getting to see that little bean inside of you grow and develop quite the personality. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how much of who they are you can already see inside.

Where To Get An OKC Ultrasound?

While most often when your regular OB care you will get ultrasounds, going to a boutique office offers an experience that is lovely and welcoming. You can bring family along if you wish. Many of these OKC Ultrasound Imaging places also offer a variety of other services like certified Sneak Peek Tests, etc. There are a variety of different places within the metro OKC area where you can go. I asked for lots of recommendations as well as reached out to several of the local places to put together the list of the top ultrasound locations in the Oklahoma City for you.

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Services OKC Ultrasound Imaging Offices Offer

  • Sneak Peek Gender Tests
  • Dating Imaging
  • 3d/4d imaging
  • Packages for multiple scans
  • Group Viewing Parties

5 OKC Ultrasound Baby Imaging Places

The Viewing Womb – Edmond, OK – Ultrasound and Baby Boutique


The Viewing Womb

Location: 3400 S Bryant Ave Suite 110 Edmond, OK 73013

What services do you offer for baby ultrasounds?

We offer early pregnancy ultrasounds, as early as 6 weeks all the way until the very end of pregnancy.  We can provide mama with peace of mind, throughout pregnancy with heartbeat checks, where we perform a 2D ultrasound to visualize baby’s heartbeat(and listen, if baby is 12 weeks gestation or greater)…we also offer gender determination,by ultrasound, after 15 weeks.  

I specify by ultrasound, because we offer a venous blood draw, that can be performed as early as six weeks gestation, to determine gender as well. This is our sneak Peek clinical offering.  It can be paired with an ultrasound too. Of course we have ultrasound packages for imaging of babies face that we recommend for the third trimester. ​​What types of ultrasounds do you provide? (e.g., 2D, 3D, 4D)we provide 2D/3D/4D imaging, all obtained via abdominal ultrasound. ​

How early in the pregnancy can you perform the ultrasound?  

6 weeks ​​

How long does a typical ultrasound session take?

Ultrasounds last from 10-30 minutes. ​​

How many times can a family get ultrasounds during a pregnancy?  

There is no limit to the amount of ultrasounds you can get during pregnancy.  I have lots of mamas that see me weekly.  ​​

What are the special packages you offer for add ons?

 All of our ultrasounds come as packages. They include various amounts of time, printed photos, digital images, DVD of the ultrasounds, colored photos.  Additional photos, or a DVD can be added to any of the packages.  We also have heartbeat animals available to add on to any ultrasound experience. ​​

What certifications do you ultrasounds techs have to complete before they can work for you?

 Currently our ultrasound technologist is a registered nurse with advanced training in ultrasound. She has 11 years of experience in the neonatal field and 8 years of experience in obstetric imaging. 

​​Can family or friends come along (or younger siblings :))?

 Absolutely.  Our studio is designed for this! The more the merrier, we love for the entire family to get to see baby and begin bonding before baby is even born!​​How soon do you get folks in (i.e. how early before they want the ultrasound do they need to set an appointment?).

I am very accommodating! I can usually get a mama in within the week.  However, if a family knows they have a specific day or time they want to come in, I suggest scheduling as soon as they know, to save that date! ​​

How does a mother prepare for an ultrasound?

Hydration is key to clear images. This is very different from the full bladder we request in the first trimester.  Hydration is getting all your water in the week leading up to your appointment. We also suggest eating something sugary before your appointment, just to encourage baby to be more active. Lastly, choose an outfit that makes it easy to expose your abdomen. 

What Clients Say about The Viewing Womb…

“10/ 10 would recommend. Such an amazing experience. We received the most beautiful pictures and heartbeat bear. The boutique was so beautiful as well with tons to offer.”

“Ashley is the absolute sweetest!! I contacted her wanting photos of my baby after the doctor had told me I had miscarried, and she was so sweet and understanding during this difficult time and said she’d be praying for a miracle. Would absolutely recommend to every momma out there!”

Matherly Ultrasound – Yukon, OK


Matherly Ultrasound

Location: 873 S Mustang Rd. Yukon, OK 73099

Kayla Matherly is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and the owner of Matherly Ultrasound in Yukon, OK. They offer entertainment ultrasounds such as 3D/4D/5D and now the new 8D. They also offer diagnostic exams at a competitive price for affordable imagaie. Kayla is extremely capable and knowledgeable for performing ultrasounds that make a great experience for new parents.

What Clients Say about Matherly Ultrasound…

Was recommended by a friend and I’m so glad she did! Kayla is so sweet and an outburst of sunshine. I enjoyed every single moment. She’s very patient and answers your questions without hesitation. You can tell she definitely loves her job!! We will definitely be back. Worth every bit.❤️

We loved our experience here! Our baby was ‘hidden’ during our first ultrasound and the owner let us come back twice (for free) to try to get better pictures! She was so sweet! Definitely recommend!

Little Peanut 4D Ultrasound


Little Peanut 4D Ultrasound

2 Locations:  2322 N Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 inside InFocus Ultrasound and on Tuesdays they offer limited appointments at Thrive Mama Collective in OKC.

Little Peanut 4D Ultrasound is a a premier OKC ultrasound service with 2 registered and experienced sonographers that offer a variety of services for new parents in OKC. From packages where you can follow your little one all along the pregnancy journey to just a one time ultrasound Little Peanut is there to serve you.

What Services Offered:

Sneak Peek tests and gender ultrasounds, Ultrasounds ranging from 3D to the new 8K imaging, live Youtube streams to have a reveal with your family and they also sell a heartbeat doppler in office.

Family of four in field with ultrasound picture.

Peek At Baby


Peek At Baby

Location: 501 S Mustang Rd Yukon, OK 73099

Peek At Baby is a beautiful large viewing experience for getting to see your little one live on the screen! Offering a variety of different packages starting from the sneak peek test at 6 weeks to checking in on baby shortly before you meet them!

A client says, “10/10 recommend! My family and I had such a fun and memorable experience. The studio is really nice, clean and cozy. Myka is amazing!! She was super nice, knowledgable, patient and sweet. It is clear that she is very passionate about what she does and she is really great at it. Our baby was not cooperating initially and she really took her time and did everything she could to get good pics and they came out beautiful. Can’t wait to compare the pics when the baby gets here ☺️

A Glimpse Before and After – Moore OKC Ultrasound


A Glimpse Before and After

Location: 420 S Broadway St, Moore, Oklahoma 73160, United States

OKC ultrasound imaging – A Glimpse Before and After offers the largest viewing screen in the Oklahoma area – a large 85 inch screen makes this ultrasound place a perfect location for a large viewing party. With no guest limit you can bring along whoever you want too! They offer a large variety of ultrasound imaging including their newest 8k offerings. They offer guaranteed gender ultrasounds at 14 weeks.

Do they offer diagnostic imaging?

No. A Glimpse Before and After is solely a elective ultrasound facility.

Little Bellies Ultrasound and Spa


Little Bellies Ultrasound and Spa

Location: 7919 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK

Little Bellies Ultrasound and Spa is a unique experience for any new mom and is a nationwide franchise. A variety of packages offered for getting to view your precious new little one! Each location offers different services so be sure to check the website to see what is being currently offered at the local location.

Congratulations on your little one! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. As a mama myself getting to see that precious little bean on the screen has been a true highlight of every pregnancy!

Next up after documenting your little one inside it’s time to document your little one on the outside and that is where I come in! As a lifestyle newborn photographer it is my delight to serve families in this new season of life. I take a documentary approach and give you images you will cherish for years to come. Choose a Fresh 48 to document those very early tiny details. An in home newborn session will showcase just how much your whole family is thrilled about this new little one! I do offer several packages to capture that delightful first year from bump to age one.

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