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What To Wear For A Summer Photoshoot

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As an OKC family photographer, I know how important what you wear is to whether your photos turn out awesome or just good. If you are anything like me, trying to make decision about what to wear each day is a challenge at times…forget something as important as a family photo session! I love helping my clients through resources like this blog post, an online styling service. As well as I am always happy to put together a mood board with links and answer any questions.

Each season has things that are important for clothing choices for a session, so I decide to put together some seasonal guides with the important pieces of what to consider for your clothing choices!

Family of 5 during a photo session at Will Rogers Botanical Gardens.

Things to think about as you figure out what to wear for a summer photoshoot

… Your Photo Session Location

​Is your summer photoshoot downtown, at a park or at the beach? If you are at a park location with lots of greenery think about a color scheme that will compliment and stand out. Choose a palette of neutral colors or a palette of vibrant colors (but no neons!)​​

….Your Vibe​

What is the feel you want for your summer photoshoot. A clean formal feel? A prairie barefoot feel? A casual relaxed feel? These all play into what you will chose for the photos.​​

…The Heat​

You do not want to be overdressed for a summer photoshoot. You don’t want an outfit that will leave you feeling confined or stick and sweaty. We want to minimize the sweat as much as possible.​​

Lightweight and flowy fabrics are the best choices for summer photos – think cottons and linens. ​​

Remember the wind ​

Wear undergarments or pin down a dress that might blow too much. Also remember think of your hair style. Half up or style with hair not falling around the face tend to work better on windy nights. ​​

Please say yes to…

  • light, breathable fabrics – the type of fabric is so important. You want fabrics that will keep you cool so choosing ones that are breathable and light is helps a lot.
  • ​light colored clothing – light colors reflect light so this is another way to stay just a bit cooler​dresses
  • short or long dresses are a great way to stay cool during the session and the air flow helps (with Oklahoma wind just consider not too short ;))​
  • open toe shoes / nice flip flops – keep that summer look going​
  • patterned fabric – theses often hide sweat and pit stains better than solid colored fabrics​
  • maybe bring an outfit change – if your first outfit gets too sweat you can change​
  • an undershirt / cami – this is for the guys especially if they are wearing a button down if can help sweat stains stay hidden longe
  • ​summer themed accessories – think of added a few fun summer ideas to your session – finish off at an ice cream shop? add in a picnic basket or fresh flowers? what about a cute sunhat or popsicles?​​

Consider saying no too…

  • dark colored fabrics – these will make you sweat and heat a lot faster​-
  • heavy fabrics – things like denim, cordroy etc don’t let air flow in and can make your session a lot less comfortable​-
  • too many layers – I love layers for fall and winter photos but for summer skip​

A note about sunglasses

Before your session – if you are used to wearing sunglasses and then are suddenly outside for an hour and a half you will be very squinty. Try to put away for at least the day if not several days before your session so your eyes are used to the brighter summer light!

And if you wear transition glasses please know you will have dark glasses for an outdoor session. I recommend either not wearing them if at all possible or bringing along a pair if you can that is not transition.

ideas for neutral clothing for a photo session.

Dress: Girls Outfit: Carters / Boys shirt & romper: Colored Organics / Mens Shirt – Amazon

Ideas for what to wear in pinks and greens and neutrals for a summer photoshoot.

Dress: Baltic Born / Girls Dresses: Carters & H & M / Girls Romper: Old Navy / Boys shirt & romper: Khols / Mens Shirt – Amazon

what to wear greens and neturals.

Dress: Old Navy / Cream Dress: Pact / Girls Outfit: Old Navy & H & M / Boys shirt & romper: Colored Organics / Mens Shirt – Amazon

What to wear blues and whites.

Blue Dress: Pact / Girls Outfit: Old Navy / Boys shirt & romper: Colored Organics / Mens Shirt – Amazon

I hope this post about what to wear for a summer photoshoot was helpful! I keep working to add better resources (And the resources I would find helpful) to make a great experience for my clients. If you need an OKC family photographer I would be honored to serve you.

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