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What To Pack In Your Hospital bag for having a baby

Trying to figure out just exactly what you need to take for having a baby? Then this post on what to pack in your hospital

bag for having a baby is here to help!

Your little one is coming soon! yay!!! Yet as your due date draws closer you know you have to get that bag packed to go. But the big question looming is just What should I pack in my hospital bag for baby delivery?? It can be so easy to pack WAY too much or maybe a few might have way too little. (never was that my problem!)

After two babies and NICU stays for each child, these items are some of my must brings…you add and subtract with what is important to you. Really the biggest things to remember for what to pack in your hospital bag for having a baby – number one a long charging cord, number two a change of clothes for you and your husband and number three – snacks.

When choosing what clothes to bring think in terms of items that are soft, cozy, dark color and also ones that you’d be okay if you end up just throwing them away.

Doing some things ahead of time like installing your carseat and keeping the stroller in the car are great ways to not have to worry about those items. (If you’re local Max Mamas in Norman will do carseat checks for you!)

Personally the easiest thing to pack everything into is a roller suitcase. Seriously. Might not look cute like what the instagram influencers bring but it keeps your hands so much more free. Also makes it easier for re-packing and moving from your labor and delivery room to your recovery room. I found it easiest to put mine and my husband’s stuff in the suit case and then all the baby’s stuff in my diaper bag.

And just remember all your baby really needs is an outfit to go home in and a cozy blanket. The hospital has plenty of stuff for the baby! (a few links in here are affiliate links – thank you!)

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What to pack in your hospital bag for having a baby

what to pack for mom for labor and delivery

  • your birth plan (love this one from Mama Natural – our nurses always commented on how much they liked them!)
  • cotton robe
  • soft clothes in dark colors (love these nursing pajamas)
  • snacks (both my babies came late at night and the options at the cafeteria were very slim. I was starving and so glad for food I brought!)
  • hair ties and head bands
  • toiletries (hospitals do provide a good bit but I like to use my own stuff because of clean ingredients)
  • lip balm
  • frida perry bottle
  • nipple cream – (earth mama products are my favorite!)
  • lotion – hospital air is SO dry
  • birth affirmation cards
  • nursing tanks/bras
  • amber light for middle of the night needs (I like this one or this book lamp)

what to pack for dad

  • change of clothes
  • pj’s
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • other toiletries
  • book
  • headphones/entertainment
  • snacks
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what to pack for both parents

  • pillows
  • long charging cords
  • slip on shoes / flipflops
  • glasses or contacts
  • snacks (do you see how many times I mention snacks? lol!)
  • extra change of clothes
  • ID’s & insurance cards
  • a diffuser if you want certain smells
  • shirts that open in the middle for easy skin to skin

what to pack in the hospital bag for baby 

  • going home outfit
  • a cozy blanket
  • carseat (& stroller) – if you have the carseat/stroller combo this is a very handy thing to have along. You seem to take so much more out of the hospital than you bring and it gives you an easier way to move everything!
  • if you wish to use different pacifiers
  • pediatrician contact info
  • lactation consult info
  • newborn photographer info – to let them know baby has arrived and you’ll be in touch soon to set a date 🙂 
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Hello! thanks for checking out my list for what to pack in your hospital bag for having a baby! I hope it is helpful! In case you wondered I’m Charis Elisabeth Photography – a family & newborn lifestyle photographer serving the Central OK and the metro Oklahoma City area and I would be thrilled with getting to photograph your family! Send me a message and we can figure out the details from there!

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