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One Year Old Session At Home

There are so many different ways to celebrate your little turning one – it doesn’t have to be the regular cake smash photos. A one year old session at home is perfect way to capture the delightful presence they’ve brought in their first year!

Family of three on couch during an in home photo session.

When your little one turns one, there are so many different ways to celebrate – a great big party, a small gathering, a family adventure and of course don’t forget photos! Doing a photo session for families when their littles turn one is one of my favorite things as an OKC family photographer.

This sweet family choose to do their one year old session at home and I do believe that’s one of the best places for one year old session. Home – the place where all those firsts have been. It’s where you brought your sweet new baby home too (or birthed them there). It’s where they’ve learned to roll over, crawl, eat. It’s where you as parents have also done all those first things for them.

Another awesome thing about an in home session is that it can still happen no matter the weather. Gives one less thing to stress about mamas! 🙂

One of my favorite things when doing these one year old session at home is that littles already feel comfortable.

This lets me get to really capture the things you absolutely love about this little ones stage – your newborn has gone from being tiny in your arms to now exploring the world.

charis elisabeth photography family 1714

And because they feel safe and comfortable in their home, you can do a bunch of the activities that have become special in that first year. Reading books, playing with their favorite toys, you can be inside and outdoors if the weather is nice…it’s a way to keep a visual time capsule of that first year.

One year sessions are a great way to celebrate making it through that first year.

The first year has so many constant changes and growth happens so quickly! (random fact during a babies first month of life they grow 10x faster than they do as a teenager. Um, yeah…maybe there’s a reason why that first year is so freaking exhausting!) The one year birthday is not just to celebrate your little one…it’s also to celebrate you!

You’ve done it mom and dad! You made it through that first year so celebrate your year of parenthood too!

If a golden hour session interests rather than an at home session for your one year old then check out this gallery of a one year session at Lake Hefner.

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charis elisabeth photography family 1290
charis elisabeth photography family 1217
charis elisabeth photography family 2023
charis elisabeth photography family 1473
charis elisabeth photography family 1881
charis elisabeth photography family 1961
charis elisabeth photography family 1185
charis elisabeth photography family 2038
one year old session at home charis elisabeth photography family 1359

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