A family of four sits on their couch during their newborn photo session by OKC Newborn Photographer Charis Elisabeth Photography.

Newborn Session with A Toddler

OKC Newborn Photographer

a new family of four

It happens in a blink…you are preparing for it. You know it will happen but yet…

One day you are a family of three and then suddenly it’s four. Mom, Dad and TWO kids. As a newborn lifestyle photographer and a mother to 2 myself, I know this comes with beauty and challenges for everyone. And choosing to have a photo session is one way to press pause.

To savor it in for a tiny slice of time.

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It’s a way to say this time matters. This baby matters. We matter.

And then one day to remember…when you look back on that blur of time of overflowing emotions, soft snuggles, newborn coos and adjustments for everyone. As big brother learns what it means to be a big brother, as Mom heals and recovers, as Dad is busy caring for everyone and as the little one tries to figure out just what this world is that he was born into (yeah little guy I would be very confused too…)

Photos of this newborn time will one day draw you back in…

…to when your wonderful life erupted into this next beautiful phase.

No longer 3 of you but now 4.

Your extraordinary beautiful story in this ordinary life.

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but the thought of doing a newborn session with a toddler makes you about break out in hives! Like how does that work? Do not worry! I am a mama and also have done many many sessions with toddlers and my goal is to make this a fun and good experience for everyone…a time where you truly do get to see your story and still have fun!

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Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post…and please don’t let having a toddler make you skip out on a newborn photo session. If the idea of having a relaxed in home newborn session is something that excites you then I’d love to chat more with you! I am a lifestyle newborn and family photographer serving the OKC metro area – including the areas of Edmond, Yukon, Blanchard, Norman and more!  Contact me and let’s chat about making it happen.

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