A mother sits to nurse her baby during her OKC mini breastfeeding session.

Celebrate Breast Feeding Photo Sessions / Metro Oklahoma City Photographer

Celebrating the hard work that mamas do to nurse their little ones is something I am passionate about!

World Breastfeeding Week is a global initiative held during the first week of August each year. The goal of this week is to raise awareness about breastfeeding, the benefits it brings to both moms, babies and also to our communities. It also strives to raise awareness of the needs of breastfeeding mamas and what we can all do to make mamas who desire it have a successful nursing journey. And most of all a week to celebrate breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding gives so many benefits – it’s the incredible food that God created perfectly for tiny little humans. It is fine tuned to exactly what the little babies need, it’s cheap, it’s clean. (some would say free but for the hours upon hours that mamas pour into feeding their little ones I wouldn’t say that!) I was always amazed at how during times of sickness or other rough seasons I could see in my milk that changes it made to help my little girls. Seriously just so freaking awesome!

A mother sits to nurse her baby during her OKC mini breastfeeding session.

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I recognize that everyone’s journey is different and there can be so many challenges. There are so many reasons why a mother may not choose or can not breastfeed. It can be because of not having a long enough recovery time, health disorders that prevent breastfeeding or not having enough support. There are so many different ways that all of us can help moms who do choose to breastfeed. Whether that’s through making sure they have ample time to recover and making sure they have access to trained lactation support.

Breastfeeding Mamas are super women! And getting to normalize breastfeeding and the beauty of nursing moms is something I’m so excited about. I know every journey is different and the beautiful connection is something worth celebrating!

So to celebrate this special week I am thrilled to offer Breastfeeding Photo Sessions to celebrate this beautiful journey. For some mamas it lasts a few weeks and others it can last a few years (or longer!). Having a breastfeeding photo session done is way to treasure this special bond.

My yearly Minis – Breastfeeding Photo Sessions are held the last week of July and I offer both studio and outdoor sessions.

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I am also excited to be able to partner with some other local photographers to offer a group breastfeeding photo sessions for mamas to connect with other moms and show their power to the world. Check out details for that group photo here.

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