Nurture Fest 2023 – A Celebration for Breastfeeding Mamas

Nurture Fest is a celebration for breastfeeding mamas

An event for Breastfeeding Photos and Mama Meet Up in Oklahoma City on Friday June, 23, 2023!

This event has been something I have wanted to put together for years. And my hope and prayer is that it turns into an annual event. To celebrate the incredible way that God has made women to be able to nourish their little ones! To celebrate all the hard work and dedication that Mamas put into breastfeeding their littles one. And to make a way for mamas to meet up and connect!

As a new mom, I encountered a lot of challenges in breastfeeding my baby – traumatic pregnancy, NICU stay, pumping, tongue ties, baby refused to eat in public etc. I lived in the middle of nowhere and had little support….but I did have the examples of Grandma who breastfed in the 50’s when hardly no one else did, my aunt who I watched spoon feed her baby till he finally could breastfeed and my sister who was a midwife and was a phone call away.

It gave me hope in a very challenging first year. But it was very hard. I thought breastfeeding was supposed to be a little easier. I struggled with loneliness when my baby couldn’t eat around anyone and took an hour to nurse for a feed.

​This has fueled my passion and desire for other mamas to be able to connect and find support in their breastfeeding journeys. To realize there is help and to connect them to it to make them able to meet their feeding goals however that may be.

Breastfeeding Photos celebrate your hard work Mama!

Getting breastfeeding photos is a beautiful way to remember this season of your life with your little one – these photos are for you, Mama! It can be so easy to focus on making sure all our babies needs are met and not acknowledge the power and fortitude we mamas have used to be on this journey!

I also continually hear from so many mamas of how hard it is to connect especially in the stage of life where your kids are so little. So this is a great way to get to connect with other mamas in the same stage of life.

​And that is why I put together Nurture Fest! A breastfeeding Celebration for mamas at E C Hafer Park in Edmond, OK on Friday evening June 23, 2023. Check out all the details and sign up at this page!

I’m excited to be hosting this along with Courtney of Okie Babies, OKC Doula + Birth Photographer. We will both be providing individual breastfeeding photos for each mama and then group photos. And I’m quite grateful for our generous sponsors – Living Roots Chiropractic & Bravo Therapy Solutions (Craniosacral Therapist – read her interview here), Your Feeding Friend LLC (lactation Counselor).

All breastmilk mamas are welcome – if your journey has been one of pumping, or having to supplement or if you EBF. Sns and donor mamas are also welcome!

If this type of event doesn’t appeal to you or you can’t be there to join us, I am offering breastfeeding mini sessions for World Breastfeeding Week in August.

Hey there! I’m so glad you took a minute to read this post. I’m Charis – the person behind this post and site. I’m a lifestyle family and newborn photographer serving the metro OKC area through storytelling photos. I give you the chance to remember the little details in the big moments of life. Soak in the moments and I’ll be your memory catcher!

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