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Best Birthing Classes in OKC

Reviewing some of the best options for birthing classes in OKC for expecting mamas and their partners

Pregnancy is so full of ups and downs, questions, learning. As an expecting mama you get to learn and experience all sorts of things. (the precious little kicks but then there’s also the unpleasant things like reflex or shortness of breath whenever you move it seems!) 

And then comes childbirth (Because baby will appear at some point in time. Yes I know it feels like it’s taking forever but I promise baby does come!) 

Choosing to take a childbirth class is such an empowering and informational experience for both you and your partner. Mamas, our bodies were created to do amazing things and having your partner learning to be able to support you is so important! 

I’m going to give just a few quick benefits of why you should take a take a childbirth class then share some of the top birthing classes in OKC so you can check them out! Or you can click on these to scroll quickly to the section: Traditional Birthing Classes in OKCHypnobirthing Classes in OKC.

Benefits of taking a birthing class

  • Learning what to expect for both birth and postpartum
  • Be educated on your birthing options and rights
  • Learn strategies for pain management,  
  • In person group classes provide the community of connecting with other parents
  • Become aware of local resources (referrals to lactation counselors, baby stores, therapy options, other therapists and such that might be needed in making a succeful nursing journey)
  • Doing it with your partner allows you to be on the same team for your birthing experience

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Best Traditional Birthing Classes in OKC

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Why should you do in person classes? 

“In-person classes offer the benefit of hands-on interaction, immediate response to in the minute questions,  and an overall sense of community,” states Jennifer Miller an OKC hypno birthing instructor.

Most of the places listed below offer both group and individual classes to open up a variety of options. (A few places also offer breastfeeding classes which is an excellent way to prep for that part of your mothering journey if that’s something you wish to do!)

miranda teaches simple birth education classes

Simple Birth Education (Group and Private Classes)

Simple Birth Class Instructors birthing 23
Miranda & Cacey – Teachers at Simple Birth Education


Miranda and Cacey


Group birthing classes, Private one-on-one classes, Breastfeeding classes.


Miranda, an OKC area Doula and the Co-teacher of Simple Birth Classes shares the following:

“Simple Birth offers childbirth education for expecting parents in central Oklahoma. Our class is called Coping with Labor Pains. It focuses on practical and hands on techniques for understanding the labor process, making labor more effective and efficient and easing discomforts.”

Simple Birth offers group classes at Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond and Living Roots Chiropractic in Moore. Their classes run 4 hours long. Due to the practical, hand-on nature of their classes, they only offer in person classes.

When asked about why doing them in person, Miranda stated, “The benefit of group classes is that couples get to interact with each other and learn from each others thoughts and experiences. Those who attend group classes also tend to get a wider range of information on birth options in Oklahoma such as learning about different birthing locations. This can help parents with choosing the right birth team for them!”

They do also offer private classes for couples who need a more flexible schedule. These classes are in students homes and on their schedule. Private classes are the same 4 hour Coping with Labor Pains class that is taught in group settings. Miranda also teaches breastfeeding classes.

Beautifully Connected (One-on-One Classes)

BC FB primary color


Group birthing classes, Private one-on-one classes, Breastfeeding classes

Doula Services (Birth, Postpartum & Night doulas), Massage Therapy,

Prenatal Massage


Beautifully Connected serves families in the OKC area through a variety of services. Their services range from prenatal massage to birth classes and doula services. They also provide night doula services and body work for babies that have tongue ties. Another feature of their site is several local resources including ob and midwife finders.

Blossom Birth Services

okc childbirth educatior kaitlin burton


Kaitlyn Burton


Group birthing classes, Private one-on-one classes, Doula


Kaitlyn is a birth educator and labor & delivery doula serving families all over the OKC metro area. She provides in person and virtual birth classes (and can tailor to the birth setting whether it’s at home or in the hospital.) A core service she provides is doula services including virtual doula services.

Best Hypnobirthing Classes in OKC

Now let’s talk about Hypnobirth – another type of childbirth classes that parents can take to provide effect strategies for managing pain in labor.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is one way of managing pain and anxiety in labor and delivery by using methods of self-hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques and visualization. These practices can help provide a calm and relaxed environment for mama and baby where they can work together to bring baby into the world. By encouraging Mom to lean into her body and allowing the natural process to take place it can open a peaceful birthing experience for both. There are several classes and apps available for guiding you through this.

Miller Birth Services (Hypnobirth Classes)


Jennifer Miller (Doula and Teacher)


Hypnobirth Classes (in-person and online), Doula, Birth planning consultation, Mother Blessings, Rebirth Ceremonies, & Belly Casting


Why are birthing classes valuable?

“I really believe that all birthing families benefit from childbirth education.  It isn’t about the final outcome, medicated vs. unmedicated, vaginal vs. cesarean. It’s about knowing what your options are and feeling empowered to ask the hard questions and truly be an integral part of your care and birth.” 

Jennifer does offer classes virtually as well in order to teach those that may not have access otherwise or whose schedules will not work with a traditional class schedule.  HypnoBirthing is a 5 week/5 session course so the virtual option allows for more flexibility.

Jessica Cheatwood (Hypnobirth and Breastfeeding Classes)

Educator: Jessica Cheatwood

Jessica Cheatwood teaches hypnobirthing and breastfeeding classes at Thrive Mama Collective.

Best Online Birth Classes

If a local birthing class in Oklahoma City is not an option for you then here are a few online options to check out. (Though don’t forget many of the local places do offer a virtual option if that interest you!)

Mama Natural Birthing Class is an online course you can do from your home. (Her birthing plan template is awesome!) She has lots of good info but I do think getting to do a live classes so you can ask all your questions is still one of the best options. 

Another online option is birth classes and the support group from Trish Ware of Labor Nurse Mama (an RN with years of labor and delivery experience as well as being a mama!) She also a specific belly birth birthing classes for c section mamas if you are needing that support.

And mama as you head into the final stretches of pregnancy, you’ve got this! Soon your little one will be in your arms and beautiful journey started!

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