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Best Oklahoma City Placenta Encapsulation Services

If you are a new mama preparing for the birth of your baby you know there are a thousand different things it feels like we need to make decisions about. And not only do we need to be making lots decisions before birth but also after birth! Postpartum holds a lot of decisions to make it go smoothly. For some moms choosing to placenta encapsulation has been one way to make postpartum go better.

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What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is a process performed immediately after your birth where your placenta is taken, cleaned, dehydrated and processed either into a ground fine powder and put into pills or it is put into a tincture.

Why choose to encapsulate your placenta?

While there have not been a lot of studies, a few as well as the testimonies of many many women show that there can be possible benefits in choosing to consume your placenta after birth. For some moms it can be life changing in really good ways and for other moms it can cause increased issues so a good guide is to always be checking in with yourself on how you feel and talking with your healthcare provider.

Possible benefits of choosing to encapsulate your placenta with an OKC placenta encapsulation service.

Here are some of the things your placenta can help with:

• A possible lessening of the risk of developing postpartum depression or “baby blues.”

• Replenishes your iron from blood loss and possible prevention of postpartum anemia.

• Gives oxycontin flow long after labor.

• Thanks to the hormone HPL it can help establish an early milk supply.

• Stabilization of hormones

• Gives your body a boost in replenishing the b vitamins and energy used during labor.

• Protects you from infection and excessive bleeding.

• May serve as a natural pain reliever.

Evidence Based Birthing is one of my favorite resources for birth info and you can see their extensive podcast on this subject here. There are pros and cons and evaluating what is best for your specific situations is a great discussion with your health care providers. There are some very specific reasons to not consume your placenta and the APPA has a great guide here.

Where Do You Find An Oklahoma City Placenta Encapsulation Service?

There are several local doulas and midwives that offer placenta encapsulation services to anyone who wishes to do this. Read on in this post to learn about several highly rated Oklahoma City Placenta Encapsulation services that will come pick up your placenta and take care of all the details for you. Most of these birthworkers do serve a large section of Oklahoma including all the metro area.

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How does a someone get certified for OKC placenta encapsulation services?

The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts was founded by midwives who worked with OHSA and has a rigorous course for certifying placenta encapsulation providers. They state, “The placenta can be a powerful tool for postpartum wellness. Because we know the benefits, we know how important it is for encapsulation to be done right. Our Certified Placenta Arts Specialists are bound to meet APPA’s stringent guidelines for the safest, most effective placenta preparation methods. We do this through rigorous, evidence-based training and personalized board-reviewed preparation protocols. Our highly-trained and certified professionals deliver safety and peace of mind.”

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Spirited Birth – Midwife and Oklahoma City Placenta Encapsulation Service


Spirited Birth

Oklahoma City Midwife Taryn Goodwin has served over 2000 families with placenta encapsulation services since 2009. She is passionate about providing a quality service and a cofounder of APPA. In 2010, Taryn worked with an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist to create an OSHA course specific to the standards needed for our industry and has successfully completed the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030.

Taryn and her team work quickly to ensure your placenta gets into capsule or tincture form with quality standards.

Peace of Mommy Placenta Encapsulation Services


Peace of Mommy

Peace of Mommy Encapsulation is a privately owned Lab located in Oklahoma City. Beth Vaga the owner and CEO has one mission- to make Placenta Encapsulation services available for every mother and to spread awareness of the amazing benefits. Due to seeing many benefits in her own life after taking placenta pills after the birth of her own children she is dedicated to preparing placentas because of a deep rooted passion for postpartum care. Her company offers both local Oklahoma City Placenta Encapsulation services as well as nation wide services where you can ship your placenta to her lab.

Holistic Birthing Services

Deanna Norris, BSM, CPM, LM has trained and certified with the gold standard in Placenta Arts Specialists (2016-2018). Currently, she has not renewed her certification with APPA due to focusing on Midwifery, however the knowledge and safety she gained during her training remains! She continues to offer placenta encapsulation to families located around Oklahoma City, including Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Stillwater, and Guthrie.

She offers traditional method, the raw method and several extra add ons for new moms.

Okie Birth and Babies

Courtney is a certified doula and birth photographer and offers placenta encapsulation services to both her clients and other families in the OKC area.

Jenni Jenkins – OKC Placenta Encapsulation Services



Jenni Jenkis is a local birth worker that provides midwifery assistant services, doula services and placenta encapsulation services for the metro Oklahoma City area. She prepares placentas through the traditional raw method and is certified with APPA.

Have you found benefits in encapsulating your placenta? If so I’d love to hear your experience well as your recommendation of service for new mamas here in the OKC area.

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