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5 Baby Registry Recommendations

if you are expecting a little one soon then check out these 5 baby registry recommendations to see what you need to add to your list!

It’s that time in pregnancy – you’re making your baby registry list and looking at all the items add up. So many things it seems for such a tiny person! How do they need that much? Always remember those items are not just for them but for you too! This post today focuses on things for both you and baby though I do plan to also write some specific posts for things Mama needs and things that are just fun! 🙂 

Depending on what number of baby you are expecting you are either needing to start at the very beginning or just needing to add a few extra things. These 5 baby registry recommendations work for either case. No matter what number of baby is coming there are always a few things you need! 

Just a quick plug here – I highly recommend using BabyList for your registry! The flexibility and ways you don’t have to just stick to one store is so nice! Plus you can add things like “cleaning services”, “used books”, “a newborn session“. 

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5 Baby Registry Recommendations

Baby Registry Recommendation #1 – zippered footed sleepers

My girls probably lived in footed sleepers for the good first 4 months of your life. You are changing lots of diapers so you need something easy to get on and off. You also need something they can stay warm and comfortable in. You don’t have to worry about socks coming loose or pants staying up. You can be amazed at how many you will go through so a good stash is nice! Some great companies to get them from are: Brave Little Ones, Lou & Lou Company 

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Baby Registry Recommendation #2 – Cotton Blankets 

Cotton blankets are a great way to keep baby covered and warm without worry about them overheating. One of my favorite companies is: Sugar House Swaddles 

Recommendation #3 – Postpartum Doula

Having someone to come care for you in those first several weeks. Postpartum doulas can provide a variety of services from nursing and emotional support, to helping with nourishing foods and doing light housework. Especially if you don’t have family or friends that can support you, look into this. (If you are in the OKC area a few places that offer these services are Sooner State Doula, Okie Babies)

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Recommendation #4 – UberEats, Happy Plate or other food delivery / meal kit gift cards

After my second was born we were given a gift card to one of those meal kit companies and it was so helpful! Having ingredients delivered made we didn’t have to think about that shopping plus they are meals easy to put together so my husband could put them together quickly. 

Recommendation #5 – a soft structured carrier

I love wearing my babies. It’s an easy way to keep them close and snuggled tight while also being able to get some other things done. I’ve tried a lot of different wraps, carriers…While I do love my wrap in the first few weeks and use my ring slings a lot – A soft structured carrier for me has been one of the best investments. They aren’t cheap so throw it on that Registry (or like with Baby List you can have people gift amounts towards it and then purchase it second hand through a facebook group.) I used mine from the time my girls reached 7 lbs to when they were 2 1/2 years old!

And my final recommendation – a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session. You can either put the session on or let people gift money towards it. (I do offer gift cards that you can place on your Baby Registry). Getting pictures of these precious new moments will be memories you hold for a lifetime so invest in it. You will never regret it and once the hazy fog of sleepless newborn days is past you can remember and soak in that time. 

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