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11 Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms in OKC

As a new mama there are a lot of different decisions you get to make with one of those being how to feed your baby. Each mama will have their own feeding journey and that can look so different for every mama and her little! There are a lot of different factors involved for both the health of the mama and the child.​

If you are a new mom that has decided to venture down the journey of breastfeeding then this list of breastfeeding essentials today is for you.​

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​The journey of nursing your little one is not always an easy one but it is a rewarding one. It can take a lot especially earlier on to make it work. I have been grateful to be able to nurse 2 of my children for the first 2 years of their lives. Along the way of that journey I have found there are some things that sure do make the journey go a lot better. Do remember as a new mom that it can take awhile to get the hang of nursing but some of these items sure can help!

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11 Breastfeeding Essentials for New Moms in OKC

nursing bra

A nursing bra makes it so much easier for nursing your little one. But sometimes it can take a bit to find the type that works best for you! Thankfully these days they are starting to make them even prettier so you can have lots of options! My favorites are the bralettes or ones without removable pads but there’s quite a few options out there​​.

nursing pillow

For those first few months while both you and baby are still getting used to things a nursing pillow can be quite helpful. There are a lot of different styles so you might want to see if a friend has one or two you could borrow before purchasing your own. ​​

breast pump

Now not every mama needs to have this in her list 10 nursing essentials for new moms but I will say it sure does come in handy. Particularly if you need to pump on the job or are a NICU mama like myself then a good pump is quite necessary! Medela is the brand given in hospitals but I love my Spectra so much more. I got more milk, they lasted longer etc. There are quite a few hands free options you can consider too. One huge piece of successful pumping is the correct flange size! Usually the flange that comes with the pump is not the correct size. ​​

nursing pads

For catching those leaks in the earlier days these are a lifesaver. I like to have a mix of the reusable and disposable ones. ​​

a hakka

A hakka is a very multi use tool one of the easiest and simplest ways to save milk in those early days. I was amazed how much a stash I got started with my second child when using hakka. For the first little while your body adjusts to how much milk you put out and you can have a good amount of extra. You can also use it to collect milk while nursing on the other side, to help when you don’t have your pump on hand and even fill with salt and warm water to relieve a clogged duct.​​

breast massager

When you get a stopped up duct or lump this is a super handy tool to relieve it. ​​it can also help speed up the flow for nursing or pumping.

Mother nurses baby on couch during OKC motherhood photo session at White Moose Studios.

breastfeeding class

This might not be super essential but for a new mom it is sure SUPER helpful. Prepping yourself with knowledge is so key to a successful journey. Check out Sooner State Doula or The OKC Lactation Clinic for breastfeeding classes ​​

lactation counselor

This would be my top essential! If you are in pain, the baby is having weight gain issues, etc. getting in touch with a Lactation Consultant or Counselor should be top priority. They can help guide you with latching issues, tongue tie evaluations, exercises etc. Look over here for this list of many amazing lactation counselors in OKC that can help you in your journey! ​​

nipple cream

When those boobs are sore from a little mouth pulling at them, a good organic nipple cream is quite a soothing balm. ​ I really like this one.

nursing ​cover

A nursing cover can be handy for feeding in public if your baby likes it. lol. 🙂 My babies were never fans of nursing covers so I usually just kept a cotton blanket handy!​​​

Mother nurses baby on couch during OKC motherhood photo session at White Moose Studios.

water bottle

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep up consistent milk supply so a pretty water bottle can help keep that water going down. :)​​

An extra essential to add to the list of 11 breastfeeding essentials for new moms is Lengendairy Milk supplements. I love their Sunflower Lecithin for keeping those ducts happy and smooth flowing. A few times when I needed to up my supply then their supplements have been by far the best!

​where to get Nursing Essentials in Oklahoma City

​​Are you needing breastfeeding items in the OKC area? Then check out these The Poised Prenatal or Thrive Mama Collective stores in Oklahoma City that carry lots of extra supplies for breastfeeding moms.​​

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