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Prenatal Nutrition Class in OKC

I have now gone through 3 full pregnancies and amongst the many many things I’ve learned is how much nutrition affects SO much. Not just during the pregnancy but also during the conception phase. Pregnancy has been the time where what I eat affects me even more than normally. (I mean aside from that 1st trimester where I can only eat a few certain foods and please no coffee and yes thank you to pickles and ice cream. Just kidding…kinda )

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Today I’m excited to share about these amazing prenatal nutrition classes for new or soon to be pregnant women in OKC taught by an Oklahoma City midwife who has served families for years! As a mom and a maternity photographer who serve pregnant mamas, I love having this resource for the community.

Yvonne Silbernagel of A Mother’s Love  Midwifery Services has been a Certified Professional Midwife just shy of 15 years and was a doula and midwife assistant before that so has been serving families for over 19 years. That’s an amazing amount of experience right there!

What made you start doing a Prenatal Nutrition Class for soon to be moms in OKC?

I saw my clients benefit by keeping low risk, having less pregnancy complaints and overall seeing less gestational diabetes /preeclampsia. There is so much research on how nutrition helps avoid or lower pregnancy risks and helps reduce or eliminate common pregnancy complaints that are not necessarily normal.  We are seeing more and more research on how this affects your baby’s health later in life. It’s not perfect, but it can help. The first 1000 days of our child’s life are being found to be a critical time.  

Women are often given no direction on nutrition except not to gain more than 25-35 lbs and take a prenatal. If we don’t have direction or have a healthy background, where to start is an issue. In our culture, we often equate a low BMI as healthy, but it is not always the case. It also stuck in my mind years ago, when I asked a doctor “Why not add nutrition information at least in a handout?” He then said “Why? they aren’t going to do it.” I felt that was an insult to women in general…most if they knew it made a difference WOULD do things differently. 

What are benefits of healthy nutrition during pregnancy?

This would be often a lowering of risk factors such as preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes and an overall reduction of common pregnancy complaints such as swelling feet. 

What should one expect at your prenatal nutrition classes?

This isn’t a shame session, it contains what is ideal, but also what is realistic for you. It contains…How to’s, recipes and swaps. 

When is the best time to a take a prenatal nutrition class?

Ideally before but anytime can make a difference. 

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How long are the classes? 

2 -2 1/2 hours so we can have plenty of time to discuss and figure out what is best for you. 

What are benefits of taking a prenatal nutrition class?

An overall feeling better during pregnancy, and making an impact on your baby’s growth, development and future. 

Here are a few reviews from past clients that took this awesome class…

AE says  “Yvonne is so knowledgeable about nutrition! I consider myself to be a fairly “healthy eater” but when it came to dealing with some specific issues during my pregnancy Yvonne was able to help guide me nutritionally so that I could keep all my levels in check and avoid medications or other medical interventions. She was always helpful with meal and snack suggestions as well as recommending helpful resources so I could continue to learn how I needed to be eating. Her knowledge on supplements was also always so great. I truly believe her guidance during this pregnancy was key to healthy delivery and healthy baby!”

TL writes, “Nutrition changed my experience in pregnancy entirely. Having someone offer me nutritional support as a first line treatment instead of last made not only me, but my baby happy and healthy. It set a foundation for a joyful pregnancy. Even in times that were stressful or unknown, it was the supportive care through nutrition that really helped me maintain a healthy mindset. Having someone with herbal and homeopathic knowledge combined with nutritional recommendations made for 3 happy pregnancies. 3 healthy babies, with a foundation for nurturing nutrition. Im a better mom for what i learned during my time with you in pregnancy. I know that had you not been my midwife my babies and i would of ended up under the umbrella of care that would of been unhealthy and i would of ended up medicated for things  that I could easily heal or help at home on my own with the right support and information.” 

How to register for this prenatal nutrition class in OKC?

You can reach out to via Yvonne’s website.

Author Bio:

Charis is a wife, mamma to 3 and a lifestyle newborn photographer serving the Oklahoma City area. Lifestyle sessions focus on the connection, joy and love that is abundant in your family. With over 5 years of experience in serving families, Charis loves helping families to feel relax and have fun at their sessions. She specializes in at home family and newborn photo sessions, maternity sessions and motherhood photography. She is also the founder and host of Nurture Fest.

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