I’m so excited to serve you and your family!

okc newborn photographer hello 2022

Hey there!

I’m so excited to be able to serve your family in this beautiful new season as you welcome your little one! I consider it a great privilege to serve you through capturing the wonder, emotion, and happiness of this special time!

I have several guidelines and tips to give you to help your session run smoothly. But, remember it is a lifestyle session – life is beautiful and celebrated even in the messy, the chaos, and the ordinary.

That’s what this session is about.

Getting to celebrate the absolute wonder of your new child is such an honor! Everything feels raw…it’s all so new and it’s all so beautiful!

A family in OKC plays during an in home photo session.

What To Expect…

Figure Out Who You Want to Be There

Who’s present for your Fresh 48 session is completely up to you. It can just be you and baby or you, your significant other, and baby. You can incorporate your children, grandparents, godparents, or other family and friends, as well.

Inform Friends, Family, and Hospital Staff

It’s always good to have everyone on the same page for your Fresh 48 session. Give friends and family a heads up since this may influence the way they choose to dress or interact on that day. Also, notify hospital staff that you have a professional photographer coming in. They’ll want to know what time and for how long to ensure there aren’t any staff interruptions, and likely the photographer’s name for the visitation list.

Session Time

Expect the session to take around 30-60 minutes. We will photograph the sweet little details, parents with baby, etc. Be okay with things looking like a hospital cause that’s where we are!

I will deliver a sneak peek of photos within 12 hrs and the full gallery within 1 week.

I do have a letter board I bring along that we can put baby’s details on. IF you wish to use this text me all relevant info (baby’s name, weight, date of birth) so I can do it before the session.

When does your session take place?

Sessions generally take place late morning or early afternoon for the best lighting.

How To Prep For Your Session

Let me know when you head to the hospital if possible and then have your partner or doula text me once baby arrives so I can have an idea of when I will come. But don’t stress to much about this. Once baby has arrived and you are settled into your postpartum room send me a text and let me know what time works best. Sessions must be during daylight. 🙂 Mornings or early afternoon is best.

Before I Arrive

There are a few things that you could do that’d be helpful. But don’t stress too much. These things won’t make or break your photos just are helpful.

  • Do let the staff know I am coming and you have a session planned

Tidy Up A Couple Areas

Tidy up by the window and the bassinet if you can. The session will be close to the window for the majority of the time. I will adjust things as needed when I arrive. I do bring flash with me if light is lacking.

Turn Up the Heat

Turn up the heat if you can. Babies love to be nice and warm, so it helps to turn up the heat a few degrees about an hour before your session. This is important for the diaper only shots so baby isn’t shaking with the chills!

Get Baby’s Items Out

Get out any onesies, headbands, swaddles, and hats you’d like baby to wear and make sure you have everything. That way if you forgot sometime a family member can drop it off before your session.

Feeding Baby

Feed your baby as I arrive if you can if you’d like some breastfeeding shots. And only do this if you feel is safe for baby. If you don’t want nursing photos, go ahead and feed baby before/as I arrive. Bottle feeding photos are still precious!

What To Wear

The biggest thing to be mindful of is limiting distractions in what you’re wearing (watches, hair ties on wrists, and lettering on shirts are big ones).

  • Keep It Simple – Choose Comfy!

T-shirts, leggings, larger sweaters, and/or a robe is the way to go. A flowery robe can add just the right amount of glam to your hospital photos and isn’t constricting.

  • When in doubt, stick to neutrals.

You can’t go wrong with them. These colors will help the focus be only on your family and your new baby and all those amazing details.

  • Lighter Colors

Lighter colors will always help no matter how little light is in the room. Light greys, whites, tans, light pastels, etc

  • Limit Accessories

If you have a watch on, I’ll probably ask you to remove it. I’d also take off hair ties from wrists. Stick to earrings, simple necklaces, etc. that you might wear on an average day. Hospital bands etc are just a part of the beautiful details of the experience!

Most Importantly- this is especially important for newborn sessions – your session will have lots of snuggling, moving, cuddling so make sure your clothing will make you feel comfortable and relaxed doing those things.

Play up your strengths.

Let’s be honest…most of us have some insecurities about our bodies. But, my best advice to you is to WORK what you’ve got! Know your body type and what styles will flatter your figure. I want to make sure you feel as amazing as you are!

  • Avoid Logos and Bright Neons

I recommend steering clear of large logos or text across t-shirts and sweatshirts. Same with overwhelming graphics. These items can be really distracting in a photo.

  • Avoid Matching

It might sound like a super cute idea to match baby’s swaddle to your robe, but in a photo of you holding baby all you’ll see is one big sea of pink. We want baby and her tiny features to stand out, not get lost in flowery fabric that matches yours. If you’d like to coordinate baby’s swaddle, go with a single color from your robe or shirt.

What about Older Siblings?

If older siblings will be meeting baby for the first time, I suggest having them come about 20-30 minutes after the session starts. This gives time to get all those details and individual shots of baby without siblings having to wait around. Older siblings should wear solid neutral colors when possible. Avoid graphics on t-shirts.

Moms – wear items that are comfortable and flowy.

Double check nails for cleanness and chipped paint.

For Baby: solid color onesie (solid color), or a special swaddle, (Keep this swaddle in mind to coordinate with the other family clothes) – a diaper and blanket also works perfect!

if you pick a color theme be sure everyone’s outfits coordinates well together (please don’t all dress the same!)

For Siblings: coordinate with the family

View my pinterest board of clothing ideas here.

After The Session

once I leave your home, I have all your precious images to edit! You will receive your gallery with a slideshow (set to music!) within 1 week. You will have permission to download the images and access to my online gallery store that has beautiful high end products for displaying your beautiful images!

Heritage albums and my gallery frames are some of my favorite products! I can design your album and have it in your hands quite quickly. Gift albums are also available for the other special people in your life.

I look forward to serving you during your session of celebrating your little one!