What Is a Mini Session? | OKC Family Photographer

What is a Mini Session? | Oklahoma Family Photographer

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Often in spring and fall you hear photographers announcing and advertising mini photo sessions. Do you wonder what is the difference between a mini and regular session? Today I thought I would take some time to share what a mini session is and if it is or isn’t a good fit for your family.

What is a Mini Session?

Basically, a mini session is a very shortened version of a regular session. It’s on a set date at a set place, both decided upon by the photographer. And then usually the session is a very small amount of time and a limited set amount of photos. Often it is 10-20 minutes and you get between 3 – 15 images. Some photographers offer plans to buy additional photos beyond what is included in the session price. 

The Disadvantages of A Mini Session

Because it is a short session time children aren’t given as much time to warm up and relax for the photos. For me, the mini sessions lack the storytelling photos that are an important element of my regular sessions. They also don’t offer the time needed to get individual photos of each family member. It can be so stressful to try and get especially children (but who am I kidding..also husbands) to let their true selves shine. 

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The Advantages of a Mini Session

A mini session is great if you want most of the details already planned and/or you are short on time. Maybe you did a regular session earlier in the year but want an updated photo for your holiday cards. Or maybe you want some good family photos but a longer session isn’t in the budget for your family at this time. These are all great reasons while you might want to choose a mini session. 

My Thoughts…

I personally like to offer mini sessions as a “holiday card special.” If getting only a few photos is what you are looking for then this is the right type of session for you. Perhaps you have had a newborn session earlier in the year, this is a great time to get a few updated family photos. And…if you really just despise taking photos (but still want them), then this is a less painful option versus a regular session.

But, if you are looking for a more relaxed session that captures your family in a much more natural and storytelling way than I would highly encourage a full family session. That amount of time gives freedom, movement and space to capture the essence of the love and story of your family. Often times for a short session does not give time for your family to truly relax. It can be stressful to try to get kids to smile so fast. A long session isn’t about taking photos every second bur rather about getting to relax, be in the moment and capture the emotion of who your family truly is. It’s about laughing and playing games together, drinking in your children’s eyes without the pressure to move on. It’s about letting the magical beauty of your family shine. 

Send me a message as I would love to chat about how I can serve your family best!

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