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this one beautiful life – 2021 365 project


These days with littles pass by in a swift, swirling blur. Feeding, reading aloud, playing, cleaning…an endless lists of things to be done. Snuggles, cuddles, kisses, hugs…two precious little ones God has given me that need to be loved well.

Embarking on a 365 project was a way to not only help grow and work on my photographic skills but also a way for me to stop and savor these tiny moments with my girls. Picking up my camera is a way to say to myself, “look for the magic in the moments…look for the beauty…there is only this one beautiful life.” 

To see the beautiful ordinary in my life. To say in my own life, “this moment matters…” I believe that mothering these girls of mine is a calling and responsibility from God. I want to see these little people as the amazing humans they are that God created.

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This daily challenge has stretched me…and I have had to recommit several times. And I’m only a few months in. Yikes! Pulling my camera out, finding the time to upload and edit. But already at just 2 months in, as I look back I see many moments I would have never captured normally. We’ve moved, we’ve been living in temporary housing (that has wall color that isn’t the best for shooting photos), lots and lots of changes for our families – things have not been ideal at all.

My hope through this project is grow my skills, expand my knowledge but most of all to have a treasure chest of images for my girls to hold one day. (If you are want to do a project like this Clickin Moms is an excellent resource to learn from!)

And if you too want your beautiful ordinary moments captured I’d love to chat about photographing your family!

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