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Meet My New Little One // Family Photographer

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As a newborn photographer I love getting to meet new little ones and see the delight and pride as the family glows in wonder. And bringing a second child into our home was the same feeling.

In the middle of March we were so excited to welcome our second baby girl into our family. This little 5lb 2 oz baby is a our joy. New life is such a gift from God to celebrate. She was born right at the beginning of the start of climbing COVID-19 cases here in New York City. And her birth story was rather exciting. I might share it on here sometime. 🙂

On this previous post I shared about the very bumpy and unexpected challenges I face in start of my third trimester in this pregnancy. Bilateral pneumonia and pulmonary embolisms caused a big bump. I praise God for a healthy end to a rather scary pregnancy. Taking shots twice a day was (and is still) not fun but I  sure am grateful for them. Discovering you have an inherited blood clotting disorder is interesting for sure in pregnancy.

I’m grateful for the speedy healing to my lungs…being on oxygen for almost a month is not something I want to repeat. I’m thankful for the medications and many natural supplements that enabled me to gain strength back well. Creation has so many amazing and use plants for our bodies. I’m so grateful to the Lord also for leading the way in getting good care providers and birthing hospital for when all my original birth plans had to change.

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