Short Sessions at Lake Hefner aka a Fall Mini with Extra!

25 minutes / 15 images / $299

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Fall is the season everyone wants to squeeze in their holiday photos! And for good reason! For the fall 2022 season I am offering a version of fall mini sessions – Short Sessions. Think a fall mini but longer. 🙂 Hello more time, more value!

Short sessions give you about a little more time to relax and enjoy your session as well as let your little ones warm up so we can capture their true selves. 🙂 

Lake Hefner Short Fall Session Details

20-25 minutes / 15 digital images / $299

With these being a pop-up a one time payment is required.

You will receive a styling guide and prep guide. You also have the option to purchase more images after you view your gallery.

Session slot is for one nuclear family this is not for extended family’s.

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See other Short Session dates and locations here.

What is a mini session you might ask? Short answer – a very quick session with a few images. Basically it’s the VERY shortened version of a regular session. A set date at a set place, both decided upon by the photographer. Usually the session is a very small amount of time and a limited set amount of photos. You can read some of the advantages and disadvantages of a mini session here.

If you can I do highly encourage you to just go for my full session – it comes with an online styling service and more time. You can choose different collections that you want for your needs. But most of all it gives us an hour together that enables me to get to know you, let your kids relax and let their true selves shine! A great option for this is an in-home session celebrating some of your favorite holiday traditions. Contact me here for more info and to book a full session!

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A mother kisses her son during their family photo shoot at Lake Hefner.
A family at the beach during their Lake Hefner photo session.