getting to know CEP a little more // Brooklyn, NYC photographer - Charis Elisabeth Photography

getting to know CEP a little more // Brooklyn, NYC photographer

NYC family photographer

A Brooklyn & NYC Metro Area Family & Newborn Photographer

I’m so glad to have you here! As a NYC family and newborn photographer servicing the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens Boroughs, I’m delighted that you are interested in having me be a part of your story. I thought I would do a post to let you get to know me a little better.

I’m Charis and live here in Brooklyn with my husband and baby girl. We just celebrated 1 year in the city. NYC is very much home and we love it. The diverse cultures, the food, the things to do, the parks, the people and the coffee shops.

I have been married to my husband, Kenneth, for almost 5 years (what??!!). We long-distanced dated across the ocean for 18 months which gives an interesting (at least I think) flare to our love story.  Originally from Kansas, I never dreamed I would end up in such a big city. (Go ahead and say it, you’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…)

Our little miracle girl arrived 2 years ago…her story is another post in and of itself. I’m glad I get to be her mother though she keeps me hopping. She is full of energy, life and smarts.

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We are committed followers of Jesus and that influences us in the way we live and what we do.  I am forever grateful for the way His redemption and love has captured my heart and sustains me and gives me hope and courage.

You’ll often find me cooking in the kitchen as I prepare to host people around my table, trying to keep making headway on my huge stack of books I always keep close by, chasing my little girl at the park or pushing the stroller around as we discover something new. Fresh quality coffee, dark chocolate and alone time make my soul happy.

I  love to read widely and diversely. One reason I have fallen in love with photography is because I believe it’s one way to tell stories.

I love studying holistic living, trying to find more ways to make our lifestyle sustainable and clean, learning from new friends, learning new cultures and trying new foods.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey and heart with you. I’m grateful, very grateful you are here.

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