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Five Things I’m Loving – February ’19 edition

A little different than my photography posts, these monthly “5 things I’m loving” posts are a way to let you in on a few things I’ve discovered that are making my life easier or something I’m really enjoying. Just a way to give you a little peek into another part of my life. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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this children’s book – When I pray for you (Matthew Turner) – I jumped on it the day before it was release for the special deal of buy one, get one. Goodness this book makes me cry every time I read it to my little girl. It puts into words what my heart prayer is for her. She adores the illustrations and begs for it all the time.

Imperfect Courage – Whether you are running a business, having something new you want to do or just wanting encouragement for life, this book is for you. Jessica writes with honesty, humor and truth. She encourages you to step forward into what God has called and created you to do, while also smashing many of the lies that hold us back. She writes of making a difference for something beyond you, for other people. She encourages community, cheering each other on and striving to make differences for a greater purpose.

this Toddler Scarf & Hatย ย  –ย  seriously wish I had gotten this set at the beginning of winter. (see above picture of it). It’s thick, it’s warm, it’s durable.

Candles – These help brighten the dark evenings alot. I have a random assortment of candles I pick up when I can find healthier (coconut & bees wax) candles for a good deal.

Dance parties – chasing away the winter with giggles, movement and fun with my girl. Seriously it’s so cute to watch her dance with us. (And she’s quickly on her way to being a way better dancer than me! which of course I admit, won’t take much. ha :))

And of course for some of the items above another favorite is using Swagbucks to shop through and earn points so I can get more books, candles and fun things. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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