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family photos with toddlers / OK Family Photographer

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Family Photos with Toddlers

A family photo session with your toddlers? You squirming at the thought? It just can’t happen, you think. Yeah, Mama I’ve been there too.
The toddler crazy life is real I know! But please don’t let that hold you back from photos. Toddlers are so full of wonder, excitement, big emotions and the list goes on. You will one day wish for the photos from this stage. The way they kiss you and laugh at the littlest things. Or that little hand holding tightly onto yours as they explore the world.

how to make it easier….

Here are a few ways to make it a much better experience for all. First, find a photographer comfortable working with kids (i.e. ME! lol. But seriously I am a mama to 2 – a 5 year old with sensory needs, a high spirited toddler but also I had 4 younger siblings, spent 6 years being a nanny/mothers helper. Toddlers do not phase me!) This will make a huge difference in feeling relaxed about the session.
Do a relaxed, lifestyle centered session…not a portrait session. A session that show cases YOUR life, THEIR life. That isn’t fake smiles but the true expressions…your shy quiet little one or the wild ornery not-quite-yet a preschooler kid.
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My approach for sessions with toddlers

​For my family sessions my goal is to make the session full of as much fun and free of as much stress as possible. I let these little ones play, run and snuggle as much as they want. (oh and throw in snacks and drinks if needed…)
And for one other tip – don’t go into a session with toddler holding on to a getting a certain photo. It likely will happen but if you as the parent are more relaxed and go with the flow then your kids will too!
You can do it! Let’s chat now to book your family session!
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Charis Elisabeth Photography is a family & newborn lifestyle photographer serving the Central OK and the metro OKC area including the areas of OKC, Norman, Moore, Newcastle, Blanchard, Cleveland County & Chickasha (and more…)

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