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why you might choose fall for family photos

okc fall family photo session

Why you might choose fall for family photos or alternatively titled 5 reasons OKC families might be choosing to do family photos in the fall….because it’s that time of year when everyone is scrambling to get those photos done! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might choose fall for family photos.

 1. Better Timing For Light

In the summer when the sun doesn’t set till 8pm, keeping everyone awake and happy for those lovely golden hour photos can be quite a challenge. If your children like a bedtime before 8 then it’s about impossible to get golden hour photos. In the fall the sun starts setting by so much earlier that we can plan outdoor sessions accordingly and start at a much more reasonable time like around 5/5:30.

2. Fun Family Activities

Fall brings so many different activities that can be incorporated into you family session. Easy and simple activities – pumpkin carving, drinking hot cocoa, sharing some hot cider or jumping in leaves. Pick up some local coffee drinks on your way to your family session in your local park. Or have a session in your home complete with carving pumpkins and sipping hot cider on your porch. 

3. Easy Wardrobe

All those layers and accessories can make it easy to figure out classic and lovely clothing. The fall colors provide great inspiration for your color palettes. Sweaters, boots, scarves make it easy to know how to add accessories. Tights and hats and scarves can add so much delightful character to your photos. (want some other clothing tips? Check this post out! and psst…you’ll get styling help when you book with me. One less things to stress about!)

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okc fall family pictures
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4. Perfect Temps

Can the lovely crispness of 60-70 degrees get any better? I mean seriously! you don’t have to worry about sweating buckets at your session and for some folks that also might mean that they are a whole lot happier for the session. (some of us – I’m pointing at myself here – don’t really like the heat all that much.) These temps can make your family photos be a lot more enjoyable.

5. Order for holiday cards and prints for gifts

Get your photos and it keeps you right on track for ordering those holiday cards and also comes in quite handy for making gifts for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, spouses, teachers, the local coffee shop lady….well you get the idea – photos make excellent gifts. Even for your own kids! (these are some great ideas – a memory game, a hardboard book…) I know my grandparents and my children’s grandparents will always eagerly except updated albums, a nice framed photo and other photo gifting items. 

So…what are you waiting for? Jump in and get that photo session on the books! It’s time to capture some of your family’s beautiful moments to turn into magical photos to be treasured for years to come. 

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