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a little personal news

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ending 2019…

Things have been very silent here since the beginning of December so I thought it would take a little time to finally write a bit of a personal update. The last few months have brought some unexpected, daunting changes into my life.

In November I got to take a little visit back to my homestate of Kansas. We went see my aging grandparents and spend time with family. My little girl thoroughly enjoyed her time of being spoiled by family. (And being a good city girl when we went out to visit the horses her aunt takes care of her exclamation was, “look Mommy at all the brown sand {dirt}.” ha, ha. 🙂

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It was a gift to be spend time with my dear grandparents. They have deeply affected my life in SO many ways. Last week my precious Grandma went to be with Jesus after living life for 86 years.


At the beginning of December I developed a deep hurting pain in my upper chest and cough. I knocked it off to fighting a bug while pregnant but it kept on and then a few days later developed a fever. After a few days no improvement and continuing to have greater spells of shortness of breath, we went into Urgent Care and then the ER. I spent 5 days fighting bilateral pneumonia. As we tried to figure out if I could go home my oxygen stats would still not stay up. It was then we discovered major blood clots in my upper leg and pelvis and lung blood clots.

Pointing back we believe the blood clots had been there for a few weeks with the lung clots (PE’s) starting when I had the cough without any other symptoms. When I came in, due to the clear walking pneumonia seen in my lungs, the clots were missed. (They were high enough up that I had few normal blood clot symptoms.) I came very close to losing my life.

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So many people were praying for me and while at times I sure wanted to see faster healing I have seen many ways God was looking out for us. (13 days in the hospital without getting to see my dear little girl.), I’m grateful to be alive and mostly on the road to recovery. The clots damaged my lungs and heart and my body is still recovering. After a month on oxygen I was so glad to be strong enough to come off of it! Praise the Lord, my unborn little girl seems to have handled it all well and is growing well.

We’ve sadly had to transfer care from our loved midwives (and they were amazing with walking through that with us) and once again, I gave up many hopes and dreams of how I wanted this birth to go. It took some major work but we have found a MFM/OB team and hospital that we feel cared for. (navigating the systems and hospitals here in NYC has been no joke. And I must admit I have been rather shocked at many things and how far behind L&D wards feel in this city! Much different from the beautiful hospital where I had my 1st daughter and even my home state. So much change needed here for sure!)

Life is gift – a gift from God. To be celebrated even when it’s a fight to keep at it. While I have no energy right not to capture much I do realize more and more how much photos are precious and a gift.

I hope to share some of the beautiful sessions I did this past fall in the next few months as well as of our life as we’ve prepped and welcome our 2nd baby girl into our family!

God willing, I will begin taking a few clients a month starting in June 2020.

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