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5 photos I capture in your newborn session // NYC Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As a lifestyle, newborn photographer serving the metro NYC area (Manhattan, Brooklyn and more), I focus on capturing photos that tell the story of your family as you enjoy your new baby. Images that seek to celebrate the wonder and beauty of this new little life.

I don’t put the baby into unnatural poses nor am I constantly saying “look at the camera!” I capture the messy and quiet, the noisy and beautiful during my sessions. Today I’m sharing some of the top images I aim to capture during your session. (and yes, I capture many more then just these ones. :)) Of course, the choice is up to you if you want them all captured!

mom, dad and big brother look at their new baby girl - brooklyn newborn lifestyle photography session

1. The Family

This may seem a bit funny but yes my number one goal is to capture all three (or five or six – however many children there are) in several different settings. We will try for everything from adoring the new sibling to one or two classic family photos. Most of your pictures from here on out include just one parent or the other with the child so these photos of everyone are so important and they are what my sessions center on.

baby's feet nestled in his mommy's hands in newborn session brooklyn birth photographer manhattan 2

2. the little details

I’m not sure there is much cuter than little baby feet, am I right?! Those little feet and hands, the button nose, these are all unique features of the person your baby is. A favorite of mine is to have your little one clasp your hand or you cup their feet in your hands to be able to capture scale so you can remember just how tiny those little limbs were!

mom nursing her little one in her manhattan newborn photography jan 2019 4111

3. Nursing / Feeding

As a mom, I spent hours and hours nursing and then feeding my little one. These are hours we give to our child so they will grow and develop well. It’s an unsung and often un-thanked part of our days but one of the most vital. Whether nursing or bottle feeding this marks one of the most important tasks we have in parenthood – nourishing our child.

20170526 IMG 3018 2

4. baby

Of course, no session is complete without photos of the newest little one who is the star of the show. A neutral colored onesie or just a diaper and swaddle are perfect for capturing this dear little one.

little boy playing with his daddy during a newborn lifestyle session
manhattan newborn photographer chariselisabeth 1 2

5. the In-between

Whether helping change a diaper, a stolen kiss, or whispers from Mom and Dad, these photos show the daily beauty of what makes up this current season.

baby and family on bed in brooklyn newborn lifestyle photography session 6354

I consider it a true honor to come into my clients homes and serve them during this special new season. If you’re interested in finding out more info about my sessions check out this page. And to see more photos from past sessions check out more posts on the blog.

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