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Toddler Gift Guide 2019

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The holidays are right around the corner so I thought I’d share a few gift ideas in a little Toddler Gift Guide to give a few of my favorite items for my little toddler girl. Most of these things would work for boys or girls. Holiday Shopping can get so crazy and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in getting things rather then in the meaning and delight of the Season itself.

Also as a side recommendation, this excellent podcast over at Coffee & Crumbs (one of my favorite Mom podcasts/blogs) has some great ideas for keeping the holidays fun yet in-check.

(Also who else may I ask gets Buddy-the-Elf excited about Christmas time? I mean, I love getting to celebrate. Celebrate that my Savior Jesus came down to be human/like us and save us is a big deal! And all the traditions and beauty to add in makes me so happy!)

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Toddler Gift Guide Ideas

Magna Tiles (or this type of knock off) – a great toy that they can start playing, building, solving, etc at a young age. They don’t take up lots of space and can be used so many different ways. 

Wooden Train Sets – another toy that builds coordination, problem solving, imagination, and can provide hours of entertainment. Plus again it can grow with them! I’ve heard Ikea has a great set too.

Doll Supplies – my little girl is the best little momma to her babies. She adores having a few more items that make her feel like Mom! This book is a favorite for this too.

Books! – reading to and with your little one has so many benefits. We go to the library weekly and bring home stacks of books. I’m also a book horder (problem in a small apartment!) so we are always adding to favorite books. Here are a few of our favorites this year….

Bath Time for little Rabbit – we discovered this interactive series from the library and adore it! Baby Lit Books – classic books that become different primers for little children. So fun! When I pray for You – we love the Matthew Turner books. The Jesus Bible Storybook – our favorite story book Bible to read to our little one. 

Kinetic Sand – this has become a perfect project for rainy or bad weather days that still allows her to get her hands into something without much mess.

Water Beads – These things can add hours of fun as they expand and you can do lots of different things with them. They do require close supervision and for older toddlers.

Art Supplies – seriously get items that can make the long winter days a little more fun!

Hope you enjoyed these few ideas I threw together for this Toddler Gift Guide and maybe make your holiday shopping a little bit easier!

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